Maybe you need a Tesla Cybertruck door stop in your life

The Tesla Cybertruck hype train continues and you’re still very much welcome aboard if you want on. We’ve seen the Cybertruck come alive early in the form of cool project vehicles, a version of the Hot Wheel and so much more. But how about a Cybertruck door stop?

The electric pickup just so happens to be the ideal shape to slip underneath a door and some very imaginative soul has decided to create Cybertruck door stops for you to buy. Listed on Amazon Handmade for sale, the seller says the door stops are 4.33 inches long, and plastic 3D-printed. However, custom sizes are possible, as are various colors. The basic color is a silvery-gray shade, possibly to better resemble the Cybertruck.

It’s a cool little thing, for sure, and for the fun of it, it would probably make a great gift — particularly for the Tesla aficionados out there. Or maybe it’s the ideal solution for a garage man-door when the time comes to park a Cybertruck inside. We won’t see the first of the electric pickups hit the road until the end of 2021, but you can catch a Cybertruck for $22.

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