Elon Musk highlights key benefits of X’s upcoming audio and video calling service

Key Points

  • 📞📹 Elon Musk highlights key advantages of X’s upcoming audio and video calling service.
  • 📱 X aims to be an “everything app” and is adding practical features like audio and video calling.
  • 🌍 Audio and video calling will work on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC without needing a phone number.
  • 📚 X’s user base itself will serve as the service’s address book, a unique advantage.
  • 🎙 X’s features are expanding rapidly, targeting industry players like WhatsApp and Viber.
  • 🧪 X’s audio and video calling feature is being tested, potentially entering the cross-platform messaging segment.

X now boasts a far more extensive array of features compared to its state before Musk’s takeover last October. Since assuming leadership of the social media platform, Musk has driven the X team to rapidly introduce and refine features. Yet, X’s evolution is far from complete; it’s just beginning its journey to becoming an all-encompassing “everything app.”

Being an “everything app” necessitates incorporating practical functionalities like audio and video calling. This addition holds immense potential and could contribute significantly to transforming X into a versatile platform. It has the potential to offer users a convenient means to connect with individuals worldwide.

Elon Musk recently unveiled several notable advantages that will accompany X’s forthcoming audio and video calling capability. Musk emphasized that these calls will be compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as Macs and PCs. Additionally, they won’t require a phone number. Most notably, X’s user community itself will serve as the address book for this service. Musk underscored that these benefits set X apart from the rest.

X’s recent updates suggest that Elon Musk is taking aim at some of the industry’s biggest players. X has rolled out a rather generous ad revenue sharing program to help encourage creators to publish their work, such as podcasts and video uploads, on the platform. Such features seemed to take aim at giants like YouTube, which is the go-to service to access video content. 

With this in mind, X’s audio and video calling features seem to be aimed at services like WhatsApp and Viber, which are ubiquitously used today. If X’s audio and video calling feature is well received, it could become an important player in the cross-platform messaging segment.

X seems to have been working on its audio and video calling feature for some time now, and based on posts from the company’s employees, it appears that the service is now being tested. Earlier this month alone, X designer Andrea Conway noted that she “just called someone on X.” The post was accompanied by several “mind-blown” emojis, hinting at the designer’s excitement for the upcoming feature. 

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