Tesla is hitting the ground running as Q2 begins after breakout first quarter

Despite setting new records and proving skeptics wrong in the first quarter, Tesla seems to be determined to hit the ground running for the second quarter. This was hinted at recently in videos of the Fremont Factory, which remains full of vehicles being gathered and shipped for deliveries. 

A few days ago, drone operator and Tesla community member Gabor Karakas captured footage of the Fremont Factory’s holding lots, revealing that they were mostly empty after the company’s end-of-quarter delivery blitz. The video suggested that Tesla already transported the last batch of vehicles from the Fremont Factory to their respective customers or stores. 

Tesla has replenished the Fremont Factory’s holding lots quickly. As per recent videos shared by Tesla investor David Zhao, the Fremont Factory’s car holding lots are filled with Model 3 and Model Y vehicles once more. The sight of Tesla’s holding lots is quite encouraging because it hints at Tesla’s intense focus to deliver even more cars in the second quarter. 

Tesla’s first-quarter was already one for the books. The first quarter usually yields soft results for automakers. Tesla’s first-quarter set new records, with the company producing over 180,000 vehicles and delivering more than 184,000 cars in Q1. Tesla was able to beat Wall Street estimates despite an ongoing chip shortage in the auto market as well. Apart from this, Tesla shut down the Model S and Model X lines in the first quarter to prepare for the Model S and Model X refresh. 

Recent videos of the Fremont Factory indicate that Tesla is looking to overtake its Q1 numbers in the second quarter. Such a feat would be possible, provided that the Fremont Factory remains at its optimum operations and the company starts refresh Model S and Model X deliveries. Any improvements in Gigafactory Shanghai would likely help Tesla make history in the second quarter as well. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has not provided an exact figure for the company’s target vehicle deliveries for this year. However, he did mention that Tesla’s growth rate this year be in excess of 50% compared to 2020. Seeing as Tesla delivered half a million cars last year, Musk may be aiming for the company to deliver over 750,000 EVs in 2021. Wedbush’s Dan Ives recently noted that he expects Tesla to deliver more than 850,000 cars this year.

Watch a recent video of Tesla’s Fremont Factory in the video below.

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