Hacker Reveals Tesla May Be Working on Powerful New Radar & Ultrasonic Sensors

New Tesla’s are equipped with advanced hardware capable of providing Autopilot functionality today and complete self-driving capabilities in the future. Thanks to over-the-air software upgrades designed to enhance performance over time, this is made possible.

Eight cameras give up to 250 meters of coverage and 360 degrees of vision around the vehicle. Complementing this vision, twelve ultrasonic sensors allow both hard and soft objects to be detected. Additional information about the environment on a redundant wavelength is generated by a forward-facing radar with improved processing that can see through heavy rain, fog, dust, and even the car ahead. Tesla consistently improve their vehicles by adding new technology that will make driving even safer and more advanced.

Hacker @greentheonly on Twitter found many Model 3 and Model Y updates. In addition to the fact that there was details about the Standard / Adaptive air suspension again, which is possibly in progress, he found that the types of sensors were expanded. @greentheonly noticed that there was now an indication of a new ultrasonics type Tesla. The other sensor that appeared in options is radar.


They should have a greater range and resolution in these latest sensors versus the ones currently in use. Better equipment would allow the vehicles to “see” further and respond faster and more accurately to situations.

At the moment, Advanced Sensor Coverage has the following characteristics, according to the company’s website:

Narrow forward camera
Max distance 250m

Main Forward Camera
Max distance 150m

Wide Forward Camera
Max distance 60m

Max distance 160m

Forward Looking Side Cameras
Max distance 80m

Max distance 8m

Rear View Camera
Max distance 50m

Rearward Looking Side Cameras
Max distance 100m

Improving the performance of the Radar will allow it to “see” farther than the current 160 meters, rendering Tesla vehicles even more advanced in their use of FSD.

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