Elon Musk’s Twitter account hacked as part of massive crypto scam

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s Twitter account was compromised today as part of a huge crypto scam. For years now, Musk’s popular Twitter account with more than 30 million followers has been a target of crypto-currency scammers trying to make money out of their followers by creating accounts that look like his and responding to fans.

It has gone a massive step further today as Musk’s Twitter account appears to have been hacked as part of a massive global crypto-currency scam that has taken over many crypto-related accounts.

The CEO’s account tweeted its followers with the following message:

Of course the scam here is that it encourages people to send Bitcoin to the account, and as the tweet claims, the people behind the address have no intention of sending back anything.

Blockchain monitoring shows many people sent Bitcoin worth thousands of dollars to the account within minutes.

The hack seems to be far-fetched, with several crypto company accounts being hacked as well and tweeting about giving back to COVID-19 through similar scams.

Bill Gates’ Twitter account was also hacked:

So many large accounts are affected that the hack might be at the Twitter system level.

This seems to be a wider-reaching hack that has nothing to do with Tesla or Musk, except to use the reach of the CEO on the platform.

Musk’s original tweet was deleted within a few minutes, but the hacker apparently kept control of the account, as several more tweets were posted relating to the scam.

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