Elon Musk plans Fallout party in The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop

Elon Musk is still planning the Fallout-themed party in The Boring Company’s (TBC) Vegas Loop. 

Fallout is a popular post-apocalyptic role-playing game. The game’s setting fits perfectly within the confines of The Boring Company’s tunnels. In Fallout, several underground shelters are built to protect survivors of a global nuclear war. Given Fallout’s setting and theme, there might be a Cybertruck appearance at TBC’s opening party, too.

Musk talked about the Fallout-themed party for the opening of the Vegas Loop way back in January 2021. His latest comment about the shindig hints at the Vegas Loop’s progress. 

The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop is a big project, considering the tunneling system will eventually run throughout a significant portion of Las Vegas. So far, TBC has successfully opened the station at Resorts World and connected it to the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) Loop. The LVCC Loop runs through the three main halls of the city’s convention center. The Vegas Loop is a more expansive system transporting customers through the Las Vegas strip and possibly some local watering holes.

Sometime this summer, TBC is expected to open another station running along the Vegas Loop: the Westgate Station. Once the Westgate Station is open, the Vegas Loop will have three stops, including the LVCC-Riviera Station and the Resorts World Station. 

In March, TBC submitted applications to double the size of the Vegas Loop, expanding it to 65 miles of tunnels with 69 stations. The extension would run through the Las Vegas Strip and central Las Vegas. The new Vegas Loop stations would start at Blue Diamond/Las Vegas Boulevard and reach Fremont Street Experience. 

The Boring Company estimates that the Vegas Loop could handle more than 90,000 passengers per hour once it’s complete. Clark County and the City of Las Vegas approved TBC’s expansion application, turning the Vegas Loop into a mass transit system. TBC notes that the Vegas Loop will only cost a fraction of the price compared to conventional underground systems with the capacity to handle 90,000 passengers per hour.

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