Elon Musk’s secret Boring Company station is in the works

Elon Musk’s Boring Company seems to have something going in between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, which may have to do with the company’s plans to connect the two cities via a tunnel.

Photos showed a machine from Boring Company, along with large tents set up in Adelanto, California, in the middle of the desert. The presence of machinery and storage tents suggests that the Boring Company might be preparing for the prospective Los Angeles-Las Vegas connection.

The machinery’s location in Adelanto points to a potential link between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. First, the geographic location of Adelanto is put between the two towns, more toward LA than toward Vegas. To provide sufficient and effective transportation for travelers, the tunnel connecting both cities will have to run extremely close to or near Adelanto.

Adelanto’s location is in between Los Angeles and Las Vegas and could prove to be an ideal spot for the Boring Company’s development of the LA to Vegas Hyperloop.

The Vegas Loop plans for the Boring Business tend to suggest that potential expansion is likely. On the Las Vegas Loop website, it notes that any potential site construction will be built with a similarly compatible building infrastructure that would enable Tesla’s electric vehicles to work autonomously through the tunnel. Extensions in the Vegas Loop beyond the Convention Center Loop of the company will allow the cars to travel with speeds of up to 155 MPH. The travel rate would be adequate for the straight line of 224.66-mile from LA to Vegas.

“Any future expansion would be designed with similar compatible construction infrastructure and autonomous electric vehicles (AEVs), and would provide an express connection between any two stations. Vegas Loop extensions beyond LVCC Loop will operate at speeds of up to 155 mph.” – LVloop.com

The proposed Vegas Loop map suggests that an extension could occur that would move to Los Angeles. Although a small blue dot shows the stops and stations along the route, the plans include an arrow saying “To Los Angeles.” This will mean that Boring Company is preparing to connect the two cities, and a suggested starting point may be in Adelanto to boring this tunnel.

The Boring Company is also recruiting professional operators for the Adelanto site. A job listing on the company website suggests that an operator must have at least five years of Tunnel Boring Machine experience, as well as a high school diploma and basic programming skills.

The Las Vegas Convention Center Loop is currently being constructed and is scheduled to be finished by January 2021. It will allow guests to travel easily and sustainably from various hot spots in Las Vegas.

Reported by Teslarati.

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