Elon Musk: Boring Company Las Vegas Tunnels ‘only a few months away’ from operation

The Boring Company’s Las Vegas tunnel will be operational in “only a few months,” according to Elon Musk, who updated the project’s progress on August 28th.

Musk, CEO of the Boring Company, set out many years ago to create a new transportation outlet in high-traffic areas while living in Los Angeles. Although LA has a private test tunnel near the Tesla Design Studio and SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California, Musk decided to build upon the concept and bring it into other cities.

Las Vegas needed a transport system to tackle traffic on the Strip, where many people spend much of their time enjoying the Sin City. The Las Vegas Convention Center, however, still needed an underground transportation method and the Boring Co. was more than willing to make a $52.5 million bid on the project, which was approved.

The Boring Company officially opened building of the Las Vegas Convention Center tunnel project in October 2019. By January, nearly 50 percent of the tunnel was complete.

The boring tunnels project under the LVCC was completed in May and the final touches are now being placed in place until it can be ready to help shift thousands of people from location to location in Las Vegas.

Boring Co.’s proposed idea for its future “Vegas Loop.” (Credit: lvloop.com/vegasloop)

The LVCC Loop isn’t the only Boring Company project in Vegas. Another proposed “Vegas Loop” is in the works and will transport people to McCarran Airport from Fremont Lane, which is well north of most of Las Vegas’ well-known casinos and hotels. The two places, including the Bellagio, MGM, Luxor, Harrah’s and Flamingo Hotels, have plenty of points of interest in between.

A standard ride from the Convention Center to Mandalay Bay takes about 30 minutes in a car during peak hours, it says lvloop.com. However, this trip’s travel time will be shortened by 27 minutes, using the underground system on which the Boring Company is actually operating. Tesla’s Model 3 and Model X vehicles will be responsible for moving visitors from site to site and can fly up to 155 MPH.

With only a few months before Vegas Tunnel starts service by the Boring Company, transportation changes will be made before business returns to normal in Las Vegas. Even with the strict and limited activity some casinos are reopened, other types of entertainment in the region remain closed due to social distancing measures. When Sin City opens up for service, the Boring Company will be there to help relieve some transportation issues.

Reported by Teslarati.

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