Elon Musk says pothole detection and goat honks coming soon

“Goat honks” are just what you would have thought they were.

If recent tweets from Tesla CEO Elon Musk are to be believed, new versions of his electric cars could bleat to alert the next car over.

“Definitely coming,” said Musk for the newer Model S, X , Y and 3 vehicles. He told his followers the same thing back in October. Now we’re going to see how the new sounds materialize. At least you can make fart sounds inside your Tesla while you wait.

There is also relief with a more serious update coming for drivers. Teslas will soon be noticing bad roads with an automatic detection feature. Musk said the autonomous vehicle from Tesla will mark trouble areas such as big bumps or potholes. The label prompts the car to respond automatically with a slow-down or steer-around move.

Then there’s a long-coming Tesla feature: Two-factor authentication for the Tesla app. You can start the car, unlock the doors and even push the vehicle through the app to and from a parking spot. But that type of access isn’t very secure, as it only needs your Tesla app log-in information.

Back in April, Musk said the extra layer of protection through an SMS or authenticator code would be “coming soon.” On Friday, Musk gave a more detailed update and an apology about the “embarrassingly late” feature.

There is no specific release time, but at least 2FA is apparently going through “final validation.” Let’s hope those goat honks get validated promptly, too.

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