Elon Musk email indicates Tesla’s 500,000 delivery goal for 2020 is within reach

A newly leaked email from Tesla CEO Elon Musk indicates that its highly ambitious delivery goal for 2020 is within reach of the electric car manufacturer. Tesla retained its target of producing half a million cars this year amid a pandemic that virtually brought the broader automotive industry to its knees. The email from Musk indicates that such a target is feasible.

EV publication Electrek was able to procure a copy of the email from the CEO, which was sent to Tesla employees recently. The message from Musk was very short, but he also emphasized that it would take a remarkable push on Tesla’s part to achieve the company’s goal. Musk also noted how far Tesla has gone, and how far the organization has proved its critics wrong.

Below is the leaked email from Elon Musk to Tesla employees.

After today, we just have 5 days to go to achieve the historic milestone of 500,000 cars built and delivered.

Please go all out to make it happen. This is a great milestone to rally the company around achieving. All the critics who, as recently as two years ago said that we’d never make it, also called our target of half a million in 2020 “impossible”. The heck with them, we are doing it! 

Particular help would be appreciated at end of the line to ensure cars built now are able to be delivered immediately without any further improvements in PDI, as there simply isn’t enough time to do so.

Hope everyone was able to spend some time with loved ones this holiday season and has an amazing 2021.


To meet its half-a-million delivery target, Tesla will have to deliver over 180,000 vehicles this quarter. Given that there are only a few days left in the year, it will be important for the electric car manufacturer and its team to dig deep to ensure that Tesla finishes the year at full throttle.

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