Tesla Boombox retrofit may come to older vehicles with no external speakers

Elon Musk recently mentioned that Tesla could introduce the recently released Boombox feature to the company’s older vehicles. The Boombox feature was born from the pedestrian warning system of the electric car manufacturer, which was carried out to adhere to the mandate of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).

This year, Tesla’s holiday update included the Boombox feature that allowed owners to customize the sounds coming from the exterior speakers of their vehicles. In this year’s holiday update, Boombox is arguably one of the most successful Tesla features launched. Its popularity may be the reason @teslaownersSV asked Elon Musk on Twitter if the company would consider retrofitting older models with external speakers. 

“Ok, service might be able to do this. Will check,” Musk replied after clarifying the Silicon Valley Tesla owner’s request.

Given the mandate of the NHTSA and the entertainment factor of the Tesla Boombox feature, it was not surprising that a number of Tesla owners with older vehicles inquired about a possible retrofit.

In 2019, when the NHTSA passed the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act of 2010, Tesla began equipping its cars with external speakers. The Act required that noisemakers be installed by electric vehicle manufacturers on their vehicles by September 2020. Tesla complied with the order a year in advance

Elon Musk proposed in January 2020 that Teslas will potentially be able to communicate with pedestrians, or even vandals, in the future. Musk is making good on his word with the Boombox feature. Tesla has released yet another special, entertaining feature for owners to use with Boombox.

In all electric vehicles, the Boombox feature is a smart way to use the pedestrian warning system that the NHTSA needs. As shown by all the videos that owners have been sharing about the Boombox feature, it makes Tesla vehicles a little more exciting and a lot more enjoyable to own.

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