Tesla Enforces Strict Measures Against Cybertruck Image Leaks

Tesla has taken a definitive stance on the issue of employees leaking images and videos of the Cybertruck, a method that enthusiasts have relied on to track the pickup’s development progress.

Over the past few months, glimpses into the evolution of the Tesla Cybertruck have been offered through images and videos originating from within the company’s production facilities.

While instances of the Cybertruck being spotted on public roads and beyond factory confines have been numerous, the true allure has lain in images of the vehicle captured on the premises of Giga Texas. Tesla enthusiasts have craved additional content since their initial exposure.

Regrettably, for many, the era of freely obtaining images of the Cybertruck seems to be drawing to a close, or at the very least, becoming notably more challenging.

Earlier today, Tesla dispatched a communication to its staff, cautioning them about more rigorous consequences that will now befall those who are apprehended in the act of photographing or filming the vehicle.

The message to employees reads:

“Effective today, any employees or contractors found taking photos or videos on-site of anything related to the Cybertruck (e.g. vehicle, parts, production line, etc.) without an official business need/justification (i.e. dictated by job/scope and validated by Security during initial contact) will be immediately escorted off-site pending HR investigation and follow up contact.

The CT team will issue photo passes/stickers to appropriate personnel in the future to help expedite interactions with Security for business-related photography/videography.”

Tesla has always frowned upon leaking images of vehicles or factory interiors with sensitive information, but Cybertruck leaks have continued to appear online, and it seems the automaker is taking nearly any precaution to prevent more leaks from happening.

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