Lucid Unveils Gravity SUV: 440+ Miles of Range, Priced Below $80k, Production Set for Late 2024

Key Points

  • 🚙 Lucid unveils the Gravity, its first all-electric SUV, with a range of over 440 miles and a starting price expected to be under $80,000.
  • 📅 Production for the Lucid Gravity is set to begin in late 2024, with its public debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show.
  • 🌟 Lucid emphasizes the Gravity’s combination of space, maneuverability, luxury, and versatility, presenting a significant leap forward in technology and design.
  • 🎨 The exterior design focuses on aesthetics and utility, achieving a drag coefficient of less than 0.24, enhancing range and overall aerodynamics.
  • 🧳 The interior features ample and flexible cargo areas, a 34-inch curved OLED display, an innovative steering wheel, and a second row with integrated convenience tables for an elevated back-seat experience.
  • 🚀 Performance measures include 0-60 MPH in less than 3.5 seconds, a payload capacity of 1,500 pounds, and 6,000 pounds of towing capacity.
  • 🔋 The Lucid Gravity boasts a 900-volt architecture for fast charging, allowing drivers to add 200 miles of driving distance in just 15 minutes.
  • ♻️ Lucid emphasizes sustainability with a smaller, lighter, and higher technology battery pack, aiming for reduced energy consumption and environmental impact.
  • 📸 Lucid releases images of the Gravity ahead of its public debut, showcasing its exterior and interior design elements.

Lucid has unveiled the Gravity, officially bringing images of its first all-electric SUV to fruition as it plans to launch the 440-mile range EV to the market, with production starting in late 2024. Lucid expects the starting price to be under $80,000.

The Lucid Gravity will make its public debut today at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Before it has its first looks from those at the event, Lucid has released a few photos of the car, along with images of what its interior will look like.

Lucid launched the Air sedan a few years back and brought a multitude of trim levels to the market over the past 24 months. It teased the Gravity SUV on several occasions, but Lucid executives did not tip any of us off on what it would plan to bring with its first spacious EV.

“The Gravity SUV represents a significant leap forward for Lucid’s world-leading technology and design. Customers will find an unprecedented combination of space and maneuverability, luxury, and versatility, all seamlessly integrated into one remarkable vehicle with the driving experience and range of a true Lucid,” CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson said.

Combining design excellence with spacious interiors and versatility, the Gravity is a fusion of aesthetics and utility from an exterior standpoint. Drag coefficient was a focus of Lucid with the Gravity’s design, as it was with the Air. A good drag coefficient can enhance range ratings and overall aerodynamics, and Lucid was able to achieve a drag of less than 0.24, “an aerodynamic profile unsurpassed by other three-row SUVs,” it said.

In terms of the interior, it has ample and flexible cargo areas, adding up to more than 112 cubic feet of total usable cargo space for luggage and other things. The second row slides back with integrated convenience tables for an “elevated back-seat experience.”

Additionally, the interior features a 34-inch curved and uninterrupted OLED display that is located above the new “innovative” steering wheel.

Performance measures at 0-60 MPH in less than 3.5 seconds, a payload capacity of 1,500 pounds, and 6,000 pounds of towing capacity. To handle offroading, it has an enhanced optional air suspension package that adapts to various terrain needs automatically.

It will also have a 900-volt architecture to enable some of the fastest charging speeds offered by an EV. Lucid said in its press release for the Gravity SUV that drivers will be able to add 200 miles of driving distance in just 15 minutes.

“Gravity will take our customers farther with less batteries and therefore using less precious energy,” Rawlinson added regarding the new release. “Its smaller, lighter, and higher technology battery pack means fewer precious metals and minerals, less energy to charge, less electricity consumed, less pressure upon the grid, and a lighter weight and more dynamic vehicle. When we say we’re here to advance the technology, this is what we mean – this is truly sustainability in action.”

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