Burger King’s ad campaign features Tesla AutoPilot’s Stop Sign Control

The traffic light and stop sign control feature of Tesla Autopilot has recently become the focus of a clever new #AutopilotWhopper promotional campaign by fast food giant Burger King. The deal, which will take effect on June 23, is a share in giving free Whopper sandwiches to owners of “smart vehicles” who upload a picture of their vehicle at a Burger King store.

Amusingly enough, the commercial for Burger King’s Autopilot Whopper displays Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control functioning incorrectly. The newly released feature slows down vehicles when they come across traffic lights or stop signs and a Tesla may misread the Burger King logo as a stop sign, possibly due to its shape.

That certainly seemed to be the case in the video advertisement of the fast food giant, which featured what appeared to be a slowing down Tesla Model 3 as it approached a Burger King sign. It was commercial gold for the fast food giant, as it turned out. “Who knew smart cars would be wise enough to brake for a Whopper? Artificial Intelligence knows what it is that you want. Switch on the Burger King Autopilot and stop, “the video noted.

The fast food giant has not stated whether its # AutopilotWhopper promotion was exclusive only to Tesla owners, though the fact that the campaign itself is named after Autopilot says a lot about its demographic target. Drivers must make their “smart car” stop at a Burger King outlet to apply for the promotion, and must upload a picture or video to Twitter or Facebook with the hashtags #AutopilotWhopper and #FreeWhopper. A code for a free Whopper sandwich will be sent out within 24 hours.

As much as the campaign by the fast food giant is incredibly fun, the promotion’s terms and conditions reveal that the Autopilot Whopper perk will only be active for one day. The promotion begins at 9:00AM ET on June 23, 2020 and finishes at 11:59PM ET on the same day; or it may end when all of the free Whopper coupons are redeemed, whichever comes first.

Overall, it’s good that Burger King is now rolling out its Autopilot Whopper ad campaign, considering that Tesla is actively improving Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control fairly quickly. For example, only two months after its initial release, the company has already begun to incorporate automatic green light response, given there is a car in front of the vehicle. With that in mind, it will not be long before Autopilot will no longer misread the signs of the Burger King as stop signs on the road.

See the commercial for Burger King’s Autopilot Whopper in the video below.

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