Year-End Delivery Event at Tesla’s Fremont Factory Showcases Cybertruck DJ Session

  • 🎉 A Tesla year-end delivery event at Fremont Factory featured a Cybertruck DJ session.
  • 🎧 Tesla’s resident DJ, Oracle alumni Alex Mandel, also known as DJ Ceviche, set up his equipment on the bed of a Cybertruck.
  • 🔌 DJ Ceviche powered all his DJ equipment using the Cybertruck, showcasing the pickup’s Powershare feature.
  • ⚡ The Cybertruck’s Powershare allows it to provide 11.5 kW of power, more than the 9.6 kW provided by the Ford F-150 Lightning.
  • 🚗 The Cybertruck’s unique features include a 240-volt outlet in its bed, allowing it to charge other EVs.
  • 📅 The Tesla Senior Project Manager’s DJ set continued as employees prepared to welcome the new year at the Fremont Factory.
  • 📹 Videos shared on social media depicted the Cybertruck charging a Rivian R1T using its 240-volt outlet.

In a grand finale to the year, Tesla rocked its year-end delivery event at the Fremont Factory, proving once again that the electric vehicle giant knows how to blend innovation with entertainment. The highlight? A Cybertruck DJ session that set the stage for an electrifying celebration. Let’s dive into the details of this unique and memorable event.

Tesla’s Beats on Wheels: DJ Ceviche Takes the Cybertruck Stage

  • 🎉 Fremont’s Electric Celebration: The year-end delivery event at Tesla’s Fremont Factory was not your average gathering. Attendees were in for a treat as the iconic Cybertruck transformed into a stage for a DJ session.
  • 🎧 Meet DJ Ceviche: Alex Mandel, also known as DJ Ceviche, an Oracle alumni and Tesla’s resident DJ, took center stage on the bed of the Cybertruck. With his eclectic beats and impressive setup, DJ Ceviche turned the event into a music-filled spectacle.
  • 🔌 Powershare in Action: What makes this DJ session even more extraordinary is the fact that all of DJ Ceviche’s equipment was powered by the Cybertruck itself. This showcased the pickup’s Powershare feature, a revolutionary vehicle-to-load charging system.

The Power Behind the Cybertruck’s Beats

  • 11.5 kW of Pure Power: The Cybertruck’s Powershare is not just a gimmick. It demonstrated its prowess by providing 11.5 kW of power during the DJ session. To put it into perspective, this outshines the 9.6 kW provided by the Ford F-150 Lightning, showcasing the Cybertruck’s superior capabilities.
  • 🚗 Versatile Charging with a 240-Volt Outlet: The Cybertruck’s unique features extend beyond its dance floor duties. The pickup boasts a 240-volt outlet in its bed, making it not just a music hub but also a charging station on wheels. This feature allows the Cybertruck to charge other electric vehicles, adding to its versatility.

A Year-End Extravaganza: Tesla’s Innovative Celebration

  • 📅 Countdown to a Tesla New Year: As the year drew to a close, Tesla employees and enthusiasts reveled in the Cybertruck DJ session. The unique celebration brought a perfect blend of innovation, entertainment, and the spirit of the electric future.
  • 📹 Social Media Buzz: Videos shared on social media platforms captured the essence of the event. Witnessing the Cybertruck charging a Rivian R1T using its 240-volt outlet added another layer to the electric festivities, showcasing the interoperability of EVs.

Conclusion: A Perfect Harmony of Innovation and Entertainment

Tesla’s year-end delivery event proved that the company not only delivers groundbreaking electric vehicles but also knows how to celebrate in style. The Cybertruck DJ session, powered by its cutting-edge features, was a testament to Tesla’s commitment to innovation and creating memorable experiences. As we usher in a new year, events like these continue to elevate the electric revolution.

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