Watch this Tesla Model 3 avoid a crash thanks to its instant acceleration

Having a vehicle with fast acceleration offers advantages. Stop lights get more interesting, it’s likely to scare some high-performance gas cars. However, this instant acceleration becomes a safety feature, as recently demonstrated by Tesla owner Daniel Spalding, who thanks to the torque of his Model 3 prevented a potentially nasty crash by the breadth of a lip.

Spalding, who documents his ownership experience on his YouTube channel, recently posted a very tense video he’d recently taken. The video was brief but it showed something that no driver ever wants to see from the back — a fast-paced vehicle that isn’t decelerating. Typically accidents such as this end up causing substantial damage to both cars. Some drivers and passengers might even get hurt.

Luckily for Spalding, his Model 3 acceleration came to the rescue. The explanation in his video shows the driver of the Model 3 noted that traffic in front of him had come to a complete halt, and the car behind him — what seemed to be an Acura Integra — simply did not pay attention. When he knew he was about to get hit by the car behind him, Spalding floored the accelerator of his Model 3.

The response was instantaneous with the all-electric sedan driving forward immediately. A video of the incident revealed that the Model 3 prevented the crash by just about an inch. If the all-electric sedan did not have instant access to its power, if its acceleration was similar to a gas or diesel car, the incident could have had a far worse outcome.

“I had seen videos like this before but this was my first time being in the situation. Traffic came to a standstill in front of me but the car behind me was distracted. I saw him not slowing down so I floored the accelerator since some space appeared in front of me. Looking at the video you can see it happened just in time to avoid being rear-ended by an inch,” Spalding noted in a comment in the subreddit r/TeslaMotors.

Teslas are among the safest cars on the road, and safety features fill the Model 3 up to the brim. Sometimes, however, the avoidance of accidents may come down to the reflexes of old school drivers. Fortunately, Spalding was poised enough to respond promptly to the incoming vehicle, and just as luck would have it, at a moment’s notice, his Model 3 was ready to go full power at a moment’s notice. Both Spalding and the Acura Integra owner were able to avoid harm because of this.

You can watch the footage of Spalding’s vehicle below.

Reported by Teslarati.

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