Volkswagen will use Tesla Powerpacks for their Electrify America charging stations

Volkswagen revealed in February 2019 that it will use Tesla Powerpack batteries in more than 100 of its Electrify America charging stations in the US. Since then, VW has acted on that strategy. In regions with a higher concentration of EV owners, the batteries are positioned to provide energy during intense charging periods. Powerpacks are sold primarily at West Coast charging stations.

Tim S, who lives in Albany, New York, reports @torquenewsauto / Twitter, said he received information that Electrify America will use Tesla Powerpacks to create a charging station in his city.

“There is construction going on at the Electrify America chargers at our local Walmart (Albany NY). I spoke to the guy in charge of the work and he told me they are installing Tesla Powerpacks (he called them BESS – Battery Energy Storage System). The idea is to charge the Powerpacks overnight when electricity is cheap, then use them to charge EVs (mostly non-Tesla) through the Electrify America chargers. I wonder how widespread this is?” wrote Tim S.

Volkswagen Electrify America is working on the infrastructure for electric charging. Tesla Powerpack is the best solution for them.

The Tesla battery storage device works by absorbing excess power during off-hours from electrical networks, and storing it for later use. This allows charging stations to keep up with demand and helps during peak hours to prevent price increases. The Powerpacks being used at charging stations in Electrify America will have a capacity of 350kWh and will be capable of fast-charging 210kW.

Tesla’s willingness to help its “competitors” meet peak demand is a reflection of Elon Musk’s public comments about using electric vehicles to move the market towards a more “sustainable future.” He believes that the true competitor is not the electric cars of other automakers, but “an enormous flood of gasoline cars pouring out of the world’s factories every day.”

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