Video of Starlink terminal in Iran shared on Instagram

A video of a Starlink terminal in Iran was recently shared on Instagram. In September, Elon Musk and the team at SpaceX showed support for the Iranian people by granting them access to Starlink internet after the Iranian government shut off access to the outside world. One of the problems that needed to be solved was getting Starlink terminals inside Iran so citizens could access the satellite-based internet.

Manoto TV shared a video of the testing Starlink in Iran to its verified Instagram account. According to the caption, translated into English, the Starlink equipment was in Ahwaz. The city, also spelled Ahvaz, which isn’t how the caption below spelled it, is the capital of Khuzestan province and has a population of around 1,300,000 people.

“A video has been published on social media of testing Starlink equipment in Ahwaz. The images show a Starlink dish circling and finding its way. It’s not yet clear how many Iranians have managed to provide and use this too for receiving internet within the country.”

Starlink’s internet service is life-saving for those in countries where governments restrict access to the outside world. And it is also life-saving in countries such as Ukraine that are being invaded by other countries. For Ukraine, SpaceX is covering the $20 billion monthly costs even at the risk of going bankrupt.

Elon Musk is well known for taking the suggestions of his supporters (he’s even taken a few of mine in the past), and many, including myself, suggested that Starlink accept donations to help curb the cost of service in countries such as Ukraine and Iran where citizens need access to the internet.

Although the feature hasn’t been announced yet, Elon Musk said that SpaceX is working on a donation link for Starlink services. The donation feature will not only help provide Starlink service to Ukraine, but it will help those in the world that are in dire need of the internet. This is a goal of Elon Musk’s and he once told me in our interview that there are people right now who either have no access or very limited access to the internet.

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