Updated: Tesla Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control Manual

The traffic lights manual now represents a recent Tesla Autopilot update (one most Tesla owners have not yet received it). Well established Twitter user “green”/@greentheonly posted a picture and a short note about the update on Twitter. This means that if there is a car in front of you that doesn’t slow, the vehicle can start driving while the light is green.

Some other key points from the image are that:

  • Tesla’s Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control are designed to recognize and respond to both traffic lights and stop signs, which we already knew.
  • It will slow the Model 3 or Model Y down to a stop if either the Traffic-Aware Cruise Control or Autosteer are in use.
  • The feature uses the car’s forward-facing cameras along with GPS data.
  • It will also slow for blinking yellow lights, off lights, and other relevant road markings.

Tesla also makes it very clear that this is a beta feature and works best on roads that are frequently driven by Tesla vehicles.

Read the full article at CleanTechnica.

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