Tesla owners are known for their custom car wraps, which are trendy and often glamorous. The flexibility and image potential the technique offers is near limitless. So is it any wonder that the famous pattern of unicorn-theme will find its way into one of the all-electric vehicles? YouTubers’ The Unicorn Family has literally displayed one of the most vivid displays of personality ever made on a Model X in a recent showcase of Tesla fun turned inside out.

In the latest Family video, the Unicorn wrapped Model X featured more than just a sun-catching wrap job – it came with a story line. A ‘crazed fan’ used pink spray paint until its color was changed, to vandalize the original white paint of the SUV. After a few extra touch-ups from personality Baby J, the Model X was taken to Wrap It Up in Los Angeles where it applied the custom hue. The work has offered the owners a happy Hollywood ending to their saga from the looks of it.

In the spirit of fun, which CEO Elon Musk has made the inclusion of his vehicles a priority, Tesla has adopted its own colorful style. For example, when a Model S or Model X is locked and charged, the illuminated ring that glows while charging will begin to do a ‘rainbow dance’ by pressing the vehicle charging handle button 10 times in quick succession. Also, pulling the turn stalk four times in succession while using Autopilot activates a rainbow ‘psychedelic cowbell road’ on the center screen. A red-wrapped Tesla Semi entered the rainbow-filled celebrations in a similar way last year during a Pride Parade.

Tesla owners usually don’t need incentives to seek custom wraps for their electric vehicles, the company has recently decided to make the practice an official part of its Made-In-China model services. A post from Tesla’s Weibo Customer Support page said the company launched a custom wrap program this year in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou and other cities in mid-August.

“Tesla is more and more common on the road, and it is getting easier to recognize the wrong car at the charging station…How to make your Tesla different and stand out? Now the Tesla Delivery Center has launched the [Color Changed Car Jacket] product, which can make the vehicle cool!” the translated company post detailed.

Other fun wraps by Tesla owners included a Japanese pre-school tiger anime transformation of a Model S and Model X of YouTuber Jojo Siwa wrapped in a regular photograph of her face. A far more serious display was a US military veteran tribute showcasing the veterans initiative of the organization. Overall, car wraps and Tesla ownership are a fun combo that look to go well together for long time yet to come.

The Unicorn Family displaying ‘The Unicorn Tesla’ can be viewed below:

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