The Tesla Model 3’s ‘Highland’ Upgrade Sets New Benchmark for EV Fast Charging

  • 🚘 The Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ is bringing electric vehicle charging closer to the duration of gas station stops, according to an analysis by AMCI.
  • ⚡ In AMCI’s “MP6” test, which measures how much range an EV can add in 6 minutes (typical gas station stop duration), the Model 3 Highland scored 60.5, doubling the previous leader Toyota bZ4X’s score of 35.0.
  • 🏆 The Model 3 Highland’s strong performance was driven by its ability to reach maximum charging rate of 174 kW within the first minute on Tesla’s Supercharger network.
  • 🔌 While the Model 3 excelled on Tesla’s proprietary charging network, the analyst notes it will be interesting to see its performance on non-Tesla networks.
  • 💻 Having an integrated vehicle and charging network gives manufacturers like Tesla a clear advantage, as demonstrated by the Model 3’s impressive MP6 results.
  • 📈 The Model 3’s exceptional charging speed was achieved despite being Tesla’s lowest-priced vehicle and likely having a less favorable battery chemistry for fast charging compared to other models.

In the race towards making electric vehicles (EVs) more convenient for long-distance travel, Tesla has taken a significant leap forward with the Model 3 ‘Highland’ upgrade. According to a recent analysis by independent automotive research firm AMCI, the upgraded Model 3 is bringing EV charging closer than ever to the duration of a typical gas station stop.

AMCI’s ‘MP6’ Test: A Game-Changer for EV Charging

AMCI’s ‘MP6’ test is a novel approach to evaluating the fast-charging capabilities of EVs. The test measures how much range a vehicle can add within a six-minute window, which is roughly the time it takes to refuel a gas-powered car at a gas station. This test aims to assess whether EVs can maintain the same fueling habits as traditional vehicles, without significantly altering the time spent on the road.

In previous iterations of the MP6 test, the Toyota bZ4X emerged as the leader. However, the Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ has taken the crown, doubling the bZ4X’s performance with an impressive score of 60.5 MP6. This means that, in just six minutes, the Model 3 ‘Highland’ can add enough range to cover approximately 60 miles of driving.

The Secret Sauce: Tesla’s Supercharger Network

One of the key factors contributing to the Model 3 ‘Highland’s’ exceptional performance is its ability to reach maximum charging rates of up to 174 kW within the first minute of being connected to Tesla’s proprietary Supercharger network. This rapid ramp-up in charging speed allows the vehicle to maximize the available charging time, resulting in significantly more range added during the six-minute window.

However, AMCI’s Director of Testing, Guy Mangiamele, raises an interesting point: “It will be interesting to see what happens to Tesla’s performance when we turn the tables and test the Model 3 on a non-Tesla network.” This highlights the potential advantage that Tesla enjoys by having an integrated vehicle and charging network ecosystem.

A Holistic Approach to EV Adoption

Tesla’s ability to deliver such impressive fast-charging performance with the Model 3 ‘Highland’ is even more remarkable when considering that it is the company’s most affordable offering and likely has a less favorable battery chemistry for fast charging compared to its higher-end models or competitors.

This achievement underscores Tesla’s holistic approach to promoting EV adoption. By addressing not only the vehicle itself but also the charging infrastructure, Tesla is working to eliminate one of the most significant barriers to widespread EV adoption: range anxiety and the perceived inconvenience of charging compared to refueling a gas-powered vehicle.

The Road Ahead

While the Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ has set a new benchmark for EV fast charging, the industry as a whole is rapidly advancing. Other automakers are likely to follow Tesla’s lead in developing integrated vehicle and charging ecosystems, potentially closing the gap in the near future.

As the EV market continues to evolve, consumers can expect even more significant improvements in charging speeds, range, and overall convenience. The day when owning an EV is as seamless as driving a gas-powered car is rapidly approaching, and the Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ is a significant step towards that reality.

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