Elon Musk gets support from Jeff Bezos as he ponders making Twitter HQ into a homeless center

In what could be a small example of stars aligning, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos appear to have seen eye-to-eye — at least with regards to what to do with Twitter’s physical headquarters in San Francisco. 

This past weekend, Musk floated the idea of converting Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters into a homeless shelter. According to the CEO, this was because “no one shows up anyway.” Musk’s comments seem to be directed at the fact that Twitter has allowed its employees to work from home indefinitely.

The Tesla CEO asked users of the social media platform about his idea. About 91.5% of the poll’s respondents were in favor of converting Twitter’s HQ into a homeless shelter. Interestingly enough, Musk later deleted his tweet, though screenshots taken after voting ended showed that over 1.9 million Twitter accounts participated in the poll. 

Musk’s idea was praised by members of the electric vehicle community, with the CEO highlighting that he was actually very serious about the potential plan. Interestingly enough, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos supported Musk too, though he noted that Twitter could also convert only part of its San Francisco HQ into a homeless shelter. 

Bezos noted that such a model actually worked great for Amazon, which converted part of its Seattle HQ into an eight-floor family homeless shelter. The facility, dubbed Mary’s Place Family Center, features 63,000 square feet of space and the capacity to serve 200 people per night. It could also accommodate 1,000 family members per year. Bezos noted that Mary’s Place even made it easy for Amazon workers who wanted to do some volunteer work.

Musk, in his response, noted that Bezos’ proposal was a “great idea.” This is quite a departure for Musk, who has shown an evident tendency to tease and poke fun at the Amazon founder. Musk has trolled Bezos numerous times for several reasons, such as his ownership of The Washington Post and the fact that Blue Origin’s spacecraft are yet to reach orbit. 

If Musk’s comments are any indication, it appears that the Tesla CEO does respect the input of the Amazon founder. Musk may find it fun to troll and tease Bezos consistently on social media, but ultimately, the Tesla CEO seems to be very willing to accept insights from his fellow billionaire who — regardless of how much he is liked, is undeniably a brilliant innovator and businessman in his own right.

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