The Emergence of The Boring Company’s Prufrock at Virgin Hotels

  • 🚇 The Boring Company’s tunneling machine has reached Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas.
  • 📸 The company shared the milestone on social media with photos and videos of the Prufrock TBM.
  • 🌐 This achievement is part of the broader development of the Las Vegas Loop network.
  • 🐌 The Prufrock machine tunnels at a speed currently slower than a garden snail but aims to improve.
  • 🚶 The medium-term goal is to exceed a tenth of the walking speed of a human.
  • 🚗 Tesla’s Model 3, Model Y, and occasionally the Cybertruck are used for rides in these tunnels.
  • 🏨 Other recently reached sites include future stations in Chinatown and the Westgate hotel.
  • 🎉 The Boring Company has given rides to two million passengers, doubling in just over a year.
  • 👩‍🔧 They held an engineer recruitment event and a student competition to innovate tunneling technology.

The Boring Company’s tunneling machine, known as Prufrock, has recently made a landmark achievement by reaching the Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas. This milestone is part of the company’s broader endeavor to develop the Las Vegas Loop, an underground network aimed at revolutionizing urban transportation. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of this accomplishment, explore the Prufrock tunneling machine’s capabilities, and discuss the broader implications for urban transit.

The Boring Company, led by the innovative entrepreneur Elon Musk, has achieved another critical milestone in its ambitious plan to overhaul urban transportation in Las Vegas. Their tunneling machine, Prufrock, has emerged at the Virgin Hotels resort, marking a significant step in expanding the Las Vegas Loop network. This progress not only showcases the machine’s tunneling capabilities but also underscores the company’s vision for a future where underground tunnels alleviate surface traffic congestion.

Social Media Buzz and Community Engagement

The company celebrated this achievement by sharing photos and videos on social media platforms, including the popular Prufrock TBM as it made its way beneath the Virgin Hotels. The announcement on Twitter (also known as X) garnered significant attention, with followers excited about the potential improvements in urban transport.


The Las Vegas Loop: A Vision Taking Shape

The Bigger Picture

The Virgin Hotels station is a crucial component of the Las Vegas Loop, which aims to create a comprehensive network of underground ride-hailing tunnels across the city. This initiative follows the success of the initial loop at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). The development of these tunnels is expected to significantly reduce surface traffic, improve commute times, and offer a new, efficient mode of transportation for residents and tourists alike.

Milestone Achievements

  • Prufrock has also reached other pivotal sites, including:
    • Future stations in Chinatown
    • The Westgate hotel
  • The company has successfully transported over two million passengers in its tunnels, a notable accomplishment considering they surpassed the one million mark just over a year ago.

Prufrock Tunneling Machine: Capabilities and Aspirations

Current Performance

The Prufrock machine is designed to tunnel at an impressive speed, aiming to surpass one mile of progress per week. While this speed is still four to five times slower than a garden snail, it is a significant improvement over traditional boring methods. The continuous enhancements made to Prufrock illustrate The Boring Company’s commitment to innovation and efficiency.

Future Prospects

In the medium-term, The Boring Company aims to exceed a tenth of the walking speed of a human, striving towards a tunneling pace of roughly seven miles per day. Achieving this goal would mark a revolutionary leap in tunneling technology and efficiency, setting new standards in underground construction.

Vehicles in Use

  • Tesla’s Model 3
  • Tesla Model Y
  • Occasionally, the Cybertruck

These vehicles are used to transport passengers through the tunnels, providing a glimpse into how multi-modal the Las Vegas Loop envisions itself to be.

Innovation and Recruitment

The Boring Company has actively sought to cultivate innovation through various initiatives. For instance, the Prufrock tunneling machine is a result of continuous R&D and testing. Additionally, the company held an engineer recruitment event at its Bastrop, Texas facility, along with a student competition called the Not-a-Boring Competition. These initiatives aim to attract top talent and innovative ideas to push the boundaries of tunneling technology.

Implications for Urban Transport

Transforming Commutes

The advancements made by The Boring Company hold significant promise for the future of urban transport. Underground tunnel networks like the Las Vegas Loop could radically transform commuting by:

  1. Reducing Surface Congestion: Less traffic on the streets means quicker commutes and less pollution.
  2. Enhanced Safety: Underground tunnels can offer a safer mode of transportation by reducing the risk of accidents.
  3. Futuristic Experience: Riding in Tesla vehicles through advanced underground tunnels offers a glimpse into the future of urban commuting.

Economic and Environmental Impact

  1. Economic Boost: Creating new transit networks can stimulate local economies by increasing accessibility and attracting more tourists.
  2. Environmental Benefits: By reducing surface-level traffic, emissions can be lower, leading to a decrease in urban pollution levels.


The Boring Company’s achievement of tunneling to Virgin Hotels is a remarkable milestone in the ambitious Las Vegas Loop project. The Prufrock tunneling machine, backed by constant innovation and technological advancements, is redefining urban transportation with its efficient, futuristic, and eco-friendly tunnels. As the company continues to push boundaries, the future of urban commuting looks both exciting and promising.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Boring Company and the continuous evolution of hyper-efficient tunneling technology!

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