Closer peak at The Boring Company’s LVCC Loop station in Las Vegas

Clark County Nevada shared some photographs of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) Loop project from The Boring Company (TBC). The images showed the progress TBC has made at one of the LVCC Loop stations, where a stream of convention center guests will come and go once Elon Musk’s people mover is operational.

The LVCC Loop station in the pictures is located on Paradise Road in front of the original convention center buildings, according to Clark County Nevada. The improvement it has made over the past year has been shown by live footage of TBC’s three LVCC Loop stations.

The continuous movement of Tesla vehicles coming in and out of one of the LVCC Loop stations will be the most telling video. The Boring Company began ramping up vehicle testing last month for the LVCC Loop.

As per TBC’s agreement with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) board, all trips along the LVCC Loop will be free of charge. The board aims to raise revenue from the convention center loop via ads, sponsorships, and building leases. The LVCVA Board also decided to pay $167,000 a month to the company to handle the LVCC Loop and run it.

The Boring Company has started laying the groundwork for another project named the Vegas Loop in Las Vegas, which will run through several Sin City attractions, including The Strip and the Resort Corridor. Clark County Nevada reported that the Boring Company has accepted licenses and maintenance agreements to construct more tunnels linking the Las Vegas Convention Center to the Encore Resort campus and Resorts World. The tunnels would possibly connect the Vegas Loop and the LVCC Loop.

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