Tesla Model S refresh seen road testing ahead of full volume production

In Fremont, California, a Tesla Model S refresh was recently spotted performing road tests ahead of its planned volume launch. The car appeared to be de-badged and tinted, stopping viewers from getting a glimpse of its new interior. In its front intake area, the Model S included some Model 3-esque parts, showing that it was indeed a refresh unit.

@CodingMark, a Tesla owner and enthusiast who slightly confessed that he was actually hoping to come across the refreshed Model S in his drive, posted a short clip of the vehicle on the road on Twitter. Interestingly enough, there was no Plaid badge in the car, which led the EV community to speculate that the all-electric sedan could very well be a Long Range Dual Motor AWD variant.

During the Q4 and Full-Year 2020 Update Letter of the electric car manufacturer, the Tesla Model S and Model X refresh were confirmed and addressed in the succeeding earnings call of the company. The refreshed vehicles feature a brand new interior with a Cybertruck-comparable 17-inch central screen and a dedicated screen for rear passengers that could be used for in-car gaming. A Model 3-esque HVAC system was also introduced, and a Model Y-esque seamless glass roof in the case of the Model S.

The introduction of the Model S Plaid, which was briefly revealed during last year’s Battery Day presentation, came alongside the refresh. A tri-motor configuration with a 0-60 mph time of less than 2 seconds, and a top speed of 200 mph are featured with a yoke steering system. Elon Musk noted during the Q4 FY 2020 earnings call, this vehicle is already in production and is poised to begin deliveries to customers this month. A little later, deliveries will begin with the Model X, which is also provided with a new interior.

“Regarding the new Model S and X, we are launching the — we’re super excited to announce the new Model S and Model X pad — are in production now and will be delivered in February. So we’ve been able to bring forward the fab, Model S and X. And Model S will be delivered in February and Model X a little later. The Model S Plaid, and we’re actually in production now, and we’ll be delivering next month. So this is a tri-motor Model S with a completely new interior. There are actually a lot of great things about this,” Musk said.

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