The Boring Company Vegas Loop construction making progress

Key Points

  • 🚇 The Boring Company (TBC) is actively constructing the Vegas Loop underground network.
  • 📸 Pictures shared by Michel (@Mic_VegasSphere) show TBC’s crew in the Riviera pit, near Encore.
  • 🛤 Prufrock-2 reached Encore on Las Vegas Boulevard, while Prufrock-1 arrived at Westgate in July 2023.
  • 🚉 Westgate and Encore stations are part of the subsequent phases of TBC Vegas Loop development.
  • 🗺 The Westgate station connects LVCC-Riviera Station and LVCC-Central Station at Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC).
  • 🚆 Passengers from LVCC-Riviera Station can reach Resorts World and LVCC-West Station, while LVCC-Central Station connects to Encore and LVCC-South Station.
  • 🏗 Arrival of Prufrock-1 and Prufrock-2 marked significant progress in TBC’s Vegas Loop buildout.
  • 🚀 Prufrock-2 took 10 weeks to tunnel 2,350 feet underground, faster than Prufrock-1.
  • 🚄 TBC aims to start operations at Encore station by early 2024, allowing quick access to LVCC.

The Boring Company (TBC) is hard at work with the construction of its Vegas Loop. Progress on the expansive underground network was recently shared online. 

Michel—whose X handle is @Mic_VegasSphere—recently shared pictures with TBC’s crew in the Riviera pit. The images reveal that the pit is within sight of Encore. 

In July 2023, Prufrock-2 arrived at Encore on Las Vegas Boulevard. Around the same time, Prufrock-1 arrived at Westgate. 

The Westgate and Encore stations are the subsequent phases of TBC Vegas Loop development. From TBC’s map depicting tunnel routes, the Westgate station connects two stations at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC): the LVCC-Riviera Station and the LVCC-Central Station. 

From the LVCC-Riviera Station, passengers can get to Resorts World and the LVCC-West Station. Meanwhile, passengers can get to Encore and the LVCC-South Station from the LVCC-Central Station.

The arrivals of Prufrock-2 and Prufrock-1 at their designated destinations marked significant progress in The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop buildout. The surfacing of both tunnel boring machines showed the difference in speed between Prufrock-1 and the updated Prufrock-2. 

Prufrock-2 took 10 weeks to mobilize, launch, and tunnel 2,350 feet underground. TBC did not need a crane to retrieve Prufrock-2 since the new TBM could porpoise or break through the surface for easy retrieval. Meanwhile, Prufrock-1 took 10 weeks just to launch. 

The Wynn Las Vegas Resorts expects TBC to start operations at its Encore station by early 2024. The new Vegas Loop station is located near Encore’s Valet entrance. The Encore station will allow passengers to reach the Las Vegas Convention Center in approximately one minute. 

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