Tesla’s Supercharging network in North America is getting busier than ever

Usage of Tesla Superchargers recover from the COVID-19 lockdown very quickly. After China, North America has now hit its average daily number of sessions (7-day moving average) all-time high, too.

Elon Musk wrote that Europe is about a week behind:

“North American Supercharger usage is now at pre-covid high, Europe about a week behind, China & Asia-Pacific in general doing great”

Well, it’s great to see that in both cases, North America and in Europe, the growth is pretty smooth and on a trajectory to much higher levels than ever before.


  • NAM (red): North America
  • EMEA (black): Europe (mostly), Middle East, Africa
  • China (grey): China
  • APAC (yellow): Asia Pacific (excluding China)

In the second quarter alone, Tesla delivered some 90,650 new cars, about 10 percent of its total cumulative sales at the end of March.

We may expect that the usage will quickly increase to at least 10-20 percent above the previous limit only taking into account the number of cars on the road. It’s summertime, so more long distance driving is expected.

Reported by InsideEVs.

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