Tesla’s Major Recall on Over 11,000 Cybertrucks: What You Need to Know

  • 🚘 Tesla is recalling over 11,000 Cybertrucks for two different issues.
  • 🛠️ One recall affects 11,383 units due to improperly adhered trunk bed trim, which can become loose and detach.
  • 🏭 The trunk bed trim issue is related to parts manufactured by Axiom Plastics and involves adhesive quality control improvements at Gigafactory Texas.
  • 🌧️ The second recall concerns 11,688 units with a faulty front windshield wiper motor controller that can stop functioning.
  • 🇲🇽 The problematic wiper part is made by Valeo Sistemas Electricos in Mexico, and Tesla will fix the issue for free.
  • 🔄 Tesla has started a new functional test to ensure the integrity of the windshield wiper motor’s gate driver component.

Tesla has announced two significant recalls affecting over 11,000 Cybertruck units due to issues with the trunk bed trim and the front windshield wiper motor. Here’s a comprehensive look at what these problems entail, how they were discovered, and Tesla’s plan to address them.

Tesla, a leader in electric vehicle innovation, is facing a significant challenge as it announces the recall of over 11,000 Cybertruck units. This move is part of Tesla’s commitment to maintaining the highest safety and quality standards for its groundbreaking electric vehicle lineup. The issues prompting this recall relate to the trunk bed trim and the windshield wiper motor controller.

Understanding the Recalls

Improperly Adhered Trunk Bed Trim

Affected Units: 11,383 Cybertrucks
Issue: The trunk bed trim, specifically the sail applique, has been found to be improperly adhered. This defect can cause the trim to become loose or detach, posing a road hazard.


  • Manufacturer: Axiom Plastics.
  • Detection: Tesla identified the issue in two instances. The first instance involved a Cybertruck delivered with missing applique in December. The second instance occurred in May when another unit exhibited trim loosening.
  • Resolution: Tesla is addressing the quality control of adhesive applications at Gigafactory Texas. The improvement ensures better adherence, and customers will receive the necessary fixes at no cost.

Front Windshield Wiper Failure

Affected Units: 11,688 Cybertrucks
Issue: The front windshield wiper motor controller may stop functioning due to electrical overstress to the gate driver component. This problem results in the wiper motor’s failure, which can significantly affect visibility and safety, especially in adverse weather conditions.


  • Manufacturer: Valeo Sistemas Electricos in Mexico.
  • Detection: In February, Tesla Service recovered 20 wiper motors for inspection. After thorough engineering analysis, Tesla decided on June 12 to initiate a voluntary recall.
  • Resolution: Tesla will fix the issue at no charge to affected customers. The company has introduced a functional test using a lower current to ensure the gate driver’s integrity, aiming to prevent future occurrences.

The Impact and Tesla’s Response

Root Causes and Quality Control Measures

Tesla’s attention to detail in identifying and rectifying these issues highlights its dedication to upholding quality and safety standards. The root causes of both problems have been traced back to manufacturing processes and component quality:

  1. Axiom Plastics’ Adherence Issues: The problem with the trunk bed trim adhesion required Tesla to improve its quality control mechanisms at its manufacturing site, Gigafactory Texas.
  2. Valeo Sistemas Electricos’ Component Stress: The windshield wiper motor issue, attributed to electrical overstress in the gate driver component, necessitated a new functional test using lower currents to ensure future reliability.

Customer Impact and Tesla’s Commitment

Tesla’s proactive approach in addressing these issues underscores its commitment to customer safety and satisfaction. By resolving these problems at no charge, Tesla alleviates the potential inconvenience and cost burdens on its customers. Furthermore, the company’s swift identification and resolution implementation within its supply chain signal a robust quality assurance process that continually evolves:

  • Strengthened Supplier Relationships: Ongoing collaboration with suppliers like Axiom Plastics and Valeo Sistemas Electricos ensures that identified issues are quickly addressed, reducing the likelihood of recurrence.
  • Enhanced Manufacturing Protocols: Continuous improvement of manufacturing protocols at facilities like Gigafactory Texas showcases Tesla’s dedication to producing defect-free vehicles.


Tesla’s recall of over 11,000 Cybertrucks is a crucial step in maintaining the trust and safety of its customers. By addressing the issues with trunk bed trim and windshield wiper motors in a timely and efficient manner, Tesla reaffirms its dedication to excellence.

What Owners Need to Do

If you own a Cybertruck potentially affected by these recalls, contact Tesla’s customer service to schedule a repair. The company is ensuring that all necessary fixes are carried out without any cost to the customer, minimizing any inconvenience caused by these recalls.

Stay tuned for more updates as Tesla continues to navigate and address these challenges. The commitment to resolving these issues speaks volumes about the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle innovation while maintaining high safety standards.

Final Thoughts

Tesla’s proactive recall of over 11,000 Cybertrucks due to trunk bed trim and windshield wiper issues highlights its commitment to vehicle safety and quality. By collaborating closely with suppliers and enhancing its manufacturing protocols, Tesla ensures that its path-breaking innovations are matched with equally high standards of reliability and customer satisfaction.

For Cybertruck owners, it’s essential to remain informed and proactive regarding these recalls. Always prioritize scheduling the necessary repairs to maintain your vehicle’s safety and functionality.

Keeping abreast of such updates not only aids in addressing current issues but also fosters trust in the continuous evolution and improvement of Tesla’s remarkable lineup of electric vehicles.

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