Canaccord raises Tesla (TSLA) price target by 155% over battery, solar potential

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) has received a vote of confidence from Canaccord Genuity analyst Jed Dorsheimer, who stated that the EV maker is moving towards an “Apple-esque ecosystem” of products that are focused on sustainable energy. 

Dorsheimer noted that Tesla is poised to change the battery power market “radically,” thanks to its industry-leading technology and production capacity. The analyst also noted that Tesla’s successful transition to a mass-market automaker with the Model 3 and Model Y, as well as later products, would allow the company to “attack and conquer another trillion-dollar market in energy generation and storage.” 

“Tesla’s focus on first-principle engineering we believe will radically change the battery market, enabling the company to further the lead in BEVs and expand into the solar and home energy markets with its Powerwall products,” the analyst wrote. 

Dorsheimer raised his TSLA rating to “Buy,” an upgrade from his previous “Hold” rating. He also boosted his price target by 155% to $1,071.00 per share. 

The analyst noted that Tesla’s ongoing supply challenges would likely alleviate in 2022, particularly as the company’s new factories, Gigafactory Texas and Giga Berlin, start their operations. 

“Tesla is tapping all available resources to meet battery demand, including in-house production at Fremont, partner Panasonic production at Giga Nevada, supply agreements with LG, and recently a major switch to LFP cells from CATL in “made in China” (MIC) entry-level Model 3/Ys. Yet, it remains battery supply constrained. Notably, Semi, Cybertruck, and Roadster are all waiting for the new 4680 cell production to come online.”

“We believe large capital investments to increase battery production capacity will begin to pay off in 2022, as Giga Texas and Berlin 4680 cell production starts. Cell suppliers Panasonic and LG are also working with Tesla to produce the 4680 cell, Panasonic specifically plans to start production late 2021 at the partner facility Giga Nevada,” the analyst wrote

As for Tesla’s opportunities in the solar segment, the Canaccord analyst noted that the company is already making strides as it increases its online presence. 

“We believe the company is aggressively bidding solar installs using vanilla panels and leveraging the Powerwall and a Tesla inverter as the motivation. In 2021, we expect Tesla to push a product combination of solar panels, Powerwall energy storage, and their energy arbitrage software product Autobidder that sells electricity to the grid when its profitable and keeps it for at home-use when not,” Dorsheimer wrote. 

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