Tesla Superchargers could be used by GM-owned electric boat company

Tesla Superchargers are being introduced and opened to legacy automakers like Ford and General Motors (GM). However, other companies in non-automotive sectors are also planning to adopt the North American Charging Standard (NACS), including GM-owned Pure Watercraft, a maker of electric boats.

Pure Watercraft is a startup that is developing electric vehicles for water travel, including boats in different sizes that can be used for different applications.

The company has a pontoon boat that was created in collaboration with GM in April, which starts at $75,000 and can be reserved for just $100.

After news of GM’s agreement with Tesla yesterday, which will see 12,000 Supercharger locations opened to the company’s EVs beginning next year and the NACS connector being standard on their cars in 2025, Pure Watercraft also seems to have plans to adopt the connector.

It would be an interesting application for Superchargers, but with the goal of expanding sustainable transportation, Tesla could venture into charging other modes of transportation.

GM also holds a 25 percent stake in Pure Watercraft.

In November 2021, GM announced it would acquire the ownership stake, helping to “promote sustainability through an expansion of zero-emissions mobility for future generations and reflects the holistic approach necessary for widespread EV adoption.”

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