Abandoned Tesla Roadster Trio reaches $750k with just four bidding days left

The trio of abandoned Tesla Roadsters from 2008 have reached a massive bid of $750,000 with just four bidding days left, and there is no indication that these vehicles even operate.

In early May, Gruber Motors reached out to Teslarati to tell us they had learned about three original Roadsters that had been sitting in untouched sea containers for the last 13 years.

In 2010, a buyer in China purchased the vehicles, but when they arrived, that buyer never claimed them.

The seller of the three vehicles is going to handle the storage charges, but the fleet of Roadsters is already set to go for nearly $1 million, as a bidding war that ignited for the vehicles on May 2 has accumulated over ten bids which have put the set at $750,000.

Gruber has not listed any new bids since May 8, so there is an extreme possibility that whoever put in the $750,000 bid will end up with the vehicles.

According to images shared by Gruber, two of the cars are Very Orange, and the other in Radiant Red. They are all likely to have zero miles on their odometers, although Gruber wrote in its posting:

“We also do not know how many, if any, miles were on odometers from testing/delivery of the new Roadsters.”

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