Tesla Supercharger V4 gets early tests from EV owners

Tesla’s Supercharger V4 rollout seems to be ramping in Europe, so it’s no surprise that images of the next-generation charging station have been shared online. It was also no surprise that videos have emerged depicting Tesla owners charging their vehicles at the newly-installed Supercharger V4 stations. 

As noted in a previous Teslarati report, Tesla’s Supercharger V4 stations feature some changes from the company’s previous generation chargers. These include a longer charging cable that can accommodate more non-Tesla vehicles, as well as a higher amperage of 615 A, as per a panel label that was photographed at a V4 stall. Their output for now, however, is reportedly rated at 250 kW, similar to V3 chargers. 

This was confirmed by Tesla Model S owner Esther Kokkelman, who noted in a recent video that her experience with the EV maker’s Supercharger V4 station is comparable to the existing V3 network. It should be noted that Kokkelman’s vehicle is a Model S 85, one of Tesla’s legacy vehicles, but it was able to take advantage of the Supercharger V4’s rapid charging speed just fine. 

Similar observations were shared by a fellow Tesla owner in the Netherlands who goes by the name electricfelix on YouTube, who was fortunate enough to test out a Supercharger V4 stall before it was even listed in the company’s in-vehicle navigation system. Similar to the Model S 85 owner’s observations, the NL-based Tesla owner had no issues connecting to the next-generation charger. His car, however, did not experience V3 level charge rates partly because its battery charge is not optimized for the fastest charging speed. 

Tesla’s Supercharger V4 rollout seems to be exclusive to Europe for now, though the company is hard at work ramping their production at Gigafactory New York. Tesla’s Supercharger production team would likely be extremely busy in the future, particularly as the company expands the network further and builds out the Megacharger network for the Tesla Semi. 

Watch a video of Tesla’s Supercharger V4 in action below. 

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