Elon Musk releases gorgeous render of Tesla Giga Berlin

Elon Musk has posted the first official render for what appears to be Gigafactory Berlin’s first phase. The new plant, featuring a vast, futuristic building covered by solar panels and several loading bays, is absolutely incredible.

The design of Gigafactory Berlin, which is very similar to Gigafactory Shanghai, was instantly visible from Musk’s recently shared image. It should be noted that Giga Shanghai’s first official rendering only depicted the Model 3 facility at the venue. With that in mind, it seems that the recently shared image of Elon Musk for Giga Berlin reflects only the upcoming Model Y plant.

Elon Musk jokingly noted in later tweets that the factory will have a swimming pool on top, as well as a “indoor/outdoor rave space on the roof.” The CEO also noted that the entire facility will be covered in solar panels, and that the chimneys of the building will be carefully concealed.

These accents offer a futuristic feel to the entire Gigafactory Berlin complex, making it look much different from other vehicle manufacturing facilities in the area including Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg Facility, which consists of numerous traditional industrial constructions. Gigafactory Berlin’s design is quite spectacular overall, and it represents Tesla’s strong, unwavering mission towards sustainability.

But behind Gigafactory Berlin’s clean, futuristic theme, the facility is obviously also being optimized for efficiency. A look at the facilities sides reveals it is filled with truck loading bays. This is similar to Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai, which so far appears to be working wonders for the China based plant. After all, the Model 3 ramp in Shanghai was remarkably smooth, and part of that is possibly due to the design of Gigafactory 3 for vehicle production.

Tesla’s first official render of Gigafactory Shanghai. (Credit: Tesla)

The first phase is already under construction at Gigafactory Berlin. The speed of construction of the facility has so far been very quick, suggesting that Tesla’s target of starting next year’s Model Y production at the Germany-based plant may very well be feasible. This bodes well for the all-electric crossover’s international ramp which Elon Musk hopes to outsell the combined Model S, Model 3 and Model X.

What’s rather surprising is that the rendering shared by Elon Musk would actually correspond only to a fraction of the Berlin Gigafactory site. Plans submitted for the site indicate that more buildings are being constructed in the city, allowing Tesla to smoothly and efficiently manufacture the Model Y and any subsequent vehicles.

Reported by Teslarati.

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