Tesla Supercharger Network reaches 2,000 active stations worldwide

Tesla’s global Supercharger Network ramp recently reached another landmark, with the company adding the 2,000th station in its fast-charging network around the world. Tesla now operates 18,000 fast charging stalls throughout the United States, Europe and the Pan Pacific region, with its 2,000th site going live.

The update comes after the UK and Ireland’s 500th Supercharger, installed by the electric car maker. Interestingly, the newly built station features Supercharger V2 stalls, which boat 150 kW and are able to charge a Tesla in roughly 30-40 minutes to 80 percent. Tesla’s next-generation chargers, appropriately dubbed Supercharger V3, can charge at 250 kW, allowing vehicles to complete their charging sessions in just 15-20 minutes.

Tesla currently operates its Supercharger Network in 41 countries, of which 29 are based in Europe. The fast charging device has been a long ride, with the first station going live back in Los Angeles in 2013. At that time, Tesla had only one network-compatible car, the Model S. Tesla CEO Elon Musk launched the device as a free service for Model S and Model X owners, allowing owners to take their cars on long journeys.

The ramp of the Supercharger Network has progressed through the U.S., and it was not long before the program was extended into European countries. In 2014 and 2015 Scandinavia, Central Europe and the UK had their first Supercharger stations. Since then, the network has grown, with Supercharger stations also being built in countries like China, Japan, Australia and other Pan Pacific regions.

Tesla reports that more than 1.4 billion miles were delivered to European drivers alone, with the UK and Ireland accounting for 170 million of those. As noted in a recent article in The Sunday Times, Tesla’s Superchargers last year supplied 60 million miles of electricity to customers across the UK and Ireland. Tesla has fondly noted that such a number would be enough to fly 100,000 times to the ISS and back.

The Supercharger Network ramp is set to become even more relevant in the years to come. With high volume electric cars like Model 3 and Model Y becoming more mainstream, there is an increasing need for a global rapid charging station. After all, Tesla’s Superchargers, which due to their speed and simplicity are able to cater to large numbers of vehicles every day, are instrumental in making electric cars a viable option and no frills to petrol-powered automobiles.

Reported by Teslarati.

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