Tesla halts Cybertruck orders in China and Europe

Tesla appears to have gained enough Cybertruck reservations to keep its hands full for the foreseeable future. 

As indicated by recent observations from the Tesla community, the Cybertruck could no longer be ordered in areas such as Europe and China. The option to order the all-electric pickup truck still appears to be available for potential customers in North America.

Initial reports of the update to the Cybertruck’s order page in Europe were posted by Tesla driver and advocate @Tesla_Adri from Germany, who noted that the vehicle’s webpage now only gives the option to “Receive Updates” on the pickup truck. Previously, an option to “Order” was present on the Cybertruck’s pages in Europe and China.

This is not the first time that Tesla has updated the Cybertruck’s official webpage. In October last year, Tesla updated the Cybertruck’s page to remove powertrain options on the vehicle. This was done not long before Elon Musk announced on Twitter that Tesla would be making a quad-motor variant with “independent, ultra-fast response torque control of each wheel.”

Tesla has also updated the Cybertruck’s estimated delivery timeframes. Initially, the Cybertruck’s webpage indicated that the initial production of the all-electric pickup truck would be starting in “late 2021,” a date that was eventually moved to “2022.” Tesla removed any references to estimated production dates altogether in a later update to the Cybertruck’s page. 

Interestingly enough, Elon Musk may have explained the reason behind the halt in Cybertruck orders in Europe and China. During his appearance at the Financial Times’ Future of the Car Conference, Musk stated that Tesla might stop taking orders for vehicles that already have high demand and long wait times. 

“Even before there were supply chain issues, Tesla demand exceeded production. So now its demand (that’s) exceeding production to a ridiculous degree. We’re actually probably going to limit that. Just stop taking orders for anything beyond a certain period of time because some of the timing is like a year away,” Musk explained.

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