Tesla Cybertruck ambient lighting and floor-mounted accelerator spotted

Key Points

  • 💡 Cybertruck Interior Insights: Recent sightings reveal details about the Cybertruck’s interior, including ambient LED lighting and a unique floor-mounted accelerator pedal, offering a sneak peek into its design.
  • 🚗 Preparation for Cybertruck Delivery: Tesla’s nearing the first Cybertruck deliveries at the end of the month, prompting enthusiasts and observers to uncover details about the vehicle, although official information remains limited.
  • 🌐 Public Interest and Restrictions: The Cybertruck continues to spark interest as glimpses of its features, both interior and exterior, emerge. The revelation of a strict “no resale” policy for buyers has triggered discussions among potential owners.

Tesla is delivering its first Cybertruck units later this month, and since the automaker hasn’t officially released many details about the vehicle, onlookers have been piecing together what will be included upon its launch. In a recent sighting, one person has spotted the latest look at the Cybertruck’s interior ambient lighting, along with a floor-mounted accelerator pedal.

In a pair of photos shared to the Cybertruck Owners Club forum on Sunday, viewers can see into the forthcoming vehicle’s driver-side door, showing most of the dashboard and passenger door ambient LED lighting, as well as the floor-mounted accelerator pedal.

The pictured Cybertruck also includes a fun Elon Musk air freshener depicting the Tesla CEO with his arms crossed and wearing sunglasses. The close-up photo also shows a subtle Cybertruck silhouette on the vehicle’s steering wheel, as some users in the forum spotted.

You can see the photos shared in the forum below, including one blurry image zoomed in on the accelerator pedal.

The Cybertruck’s interior ambient lighting was also teased in a sighting in Austin, Texas, back in August, even showing that it runs all the way along the rear door trim in addition to the front door trim and the dashboard.

Over the past few months, the Cybertruck has been spotted a number of times on public roads, and viewers have pointed out features including its powered tonneau cover, its rear-wheel steering and its rumored bed power outlets, among others still. However, glimpses at interior features have been a little bit more rare.

Tesla is holding a delivery event for the Cybertruck on November 30 at the automaker’s Gigafactory in Austin. The company held a random drawing for shareholders to get a chance to attend in-person, and Tesla Investor Relations Head Martin Viecha said on Friday that the list of attendees has already been finalized. He also added that invites would be sent out “soon(ish),” though it’s not yet clear if anyone has received one.

On Saturday, we also reported that Cybertruck buyers will be subject to a “no resale” policy, in which owners will not be allowed to sell their vehicles within a year without incurring serious fines and potential legal action. Some have lauded the move, saying that it may deter some buyers who were previously planning on flipping the vehicle for profit.

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