Tesla Semi truck driver gives quick insight on Class 8 truck’s capabilities

While a lot of information about the Tesla Semi production version remains unknown for now, some interesting details about the Class 8 all-electric truck continue to emerge in a rather steady stream. Thanks to a recent sighting of a Tesla Semi production unit from PepsiCo, some insights about the vehicle’s capabilities have been shared online. 

Tesla enthusiast u/asymptottally from the r/TeslaMotors subreddit recently shared some new photos of a Pepsi-branded Tesla Semi. The driver of the Class 8 all-electric truck reportedly noted that it was his first day driving the Tesla Semi. But despite this, the driver reportedly noted that he is impressed with the Semi’s smooth ride, though he has some difficulties with the Tesla App. 

Interestingly enough, the driver of the Semi reportedly also stated that he was given an hour’s worth of training before he was deployed in the Class 8 all-electric truck. Considering that the driver reportedly had a Class A license, however, such a short “training period” of sorts should suffice for a vehicle like the Tesla Semi. 

But while the insights from the Tesla Semi driver were quite interesting, other details of the recent photos that were shared online promptly caught the attention of EV enthusiasts. Among these was the Tesla Semi’s cockpit, which some observed was the perfect balance of tech and functionality. In a way, this makes sense as the Semi pretty much has a round Model S/X-esque steering wheel paired with Model 3/Y stalks. 

This, as noted by EV enthusiasts, makes the Semi’s controls still futuristic without being overly reliant on automation. Also notable were the Semi’s cloth seats, which some veteran EV owners noted were among the best in the market before Tesla retired them. Lastly, images shared of the Tesla Semi’s displays suggest that the truck seemed to have about 374 miles of range with around 80% of battery charge when the photos were taken. This suggests that the Semi’s real-world range may indeed be close to Tesla’s claimed 500-mile range for the electric Class 8 truck. 

Check out some fresh photos of the Tesla Semi production version below.

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