Ford announces major restructuring with EV profitability on the line

Ford has announced a new $1.5-$2 billion restructuring effort to help achieve EV profitability as soon as possible.

Ford has jumped out ahead of its traditional competitors in adopting, introducing, and developing electric vehicles. In turn, it has quickly become one of the strongest contenders for second place in EV sales. Now, as the Blue Oval looks to redouble its efforts and achieve EV profitability as fast as possible, it has introduced a new financial plan that will dramatically restructure the business in the coming months and years.

Ford announced the new restructuring plan as part of a filing with the SEC, in which the automaker stated that it expects to spend between $1.5 and $2 billion in its effort, though no timeline was provided for the funding. Specifically, Ford will be exiting unprofitable locations and cutting headcount, among other numerous changes it is implementing.

Ford first announced a sweeping set of changes to its business structure last year, which started with creating three business units, one for EVs, one for ICE vehicles, and one for commercial offerings. Since then, it has also announced plans to revamp its dealership network, which will involve a dramatic cut in headcount and switching to an online ordering system with little to no inventory held at dealership locations.

Besides these structural changes, Ford has also announced a new staffing structure, hoping to decrease costs and increase output across the board. Most notably, this plan will shift engineering talent to the United States and out of Asia and Europe. Moreover, Ford has exited unprofitable markets like India, allowing it to focus further on its best-performing regions.

Despite these hurdles and countless changes, Ford’s first-quarter financials exceeded investor expectations. The automaker reported Q1 revenue of $41.5 billion, earnings of $3.4 billion, and earnings per share (EPS) of $0.63. According to Barrons, this dramatically beat estimates of $39.2 billion in revenue, $2.5 billion in profits, and an EPS of $0.38.

With Ford taking such drastic action, especially compared to its rivals like General Motors and Stellantis, it is positioning itself well to be a leader in EVs very soon. Along with this quest toward profitability, hopefully, it can serve as a strong example of success for other automakers struggling to transition to EVs.

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