Tesla reveals Megapack project that killed a peaker plant

Tesla has posted a new video on Twitter showing off one of its Megapack projects that helped kill a natural gas peaker plant.

Despite its lack of news coverage, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has shared numerous times that he expects Tesla’s energy business to quickly eclipse its auto sales in terms of profit, thanks primarily to the success of Tesla’s commercial energy storage offering, the Megapack. Now, the company has shared yet another success story of placing a Tesla Megapack, this time in Oxnard, California.

The story of the Oxnard Megapack project was shared by the Tesla Megapack Twitter account earlier today and is just one of many amazing stories of Tesla’s energy division helping to limit reliance on fossil fuels.

Oxnard is yet another community that has pushed back against the expansion of fossil fuel power plants and has instead opted for power from renewable sources. And as seen from other posts from the Tesla Megapack account, this story is similar to many shared before.

When locals heard that their picturesque beaches would now be directly next to a natural gas plant, they protested the construction, and the government stepped in to look for alternatives. And while renewable power generation technologies like solar and wind were not nearly powerful enough, a series of 124 Megapacks were. With a combined capacity of 400MWh, locals now have access to clean energy whenever they need it, not just when the wind blows, or the sun shines.

Perhaps an even better example of the successful implementation of the Megapack came from last year when the State of Hawaii ditched coal power after installing a set of Megapack stations.

The success of the Tesla Megapack in Oxnard and other locations around the globe is enticing an increasing number of municipalities and corporations alike. This has resulted in a year-long waitlist for the popular Tesla energy product and an all-new production location attempting to meet demand as fast as possible.

As Tesla continues to work toward a sustainable economy and a recovered stock price, Megapack projects will likely be vital to the company’s growth and revenue. Hopefully, with the rapid introduction of more of these projects worldwide, Tesla can continue to find success and motivate other communities and corporations to pursue the same sustainable mission.

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