City of Detroit unveils its first 100% EV fleet

The City of Detroit has unveiled its first fleet to be comprised of only electric vehicles.

Municipal fleets throughout the United States are electrifying to reduce costs and their carbon footprints. And one such City that has taken this task head-on is America’s Motor City, Detroit. Now, the City of Detroit has unveiled its first fleet of vehicles entirely comprised of EVs, thanks to a purchase of 48 Chevy Bolts and the installation of a massive 25-stall charging station.

The fleet of 48 Chevy Bolts will be used by the Detroit Municipal Parking Department and fit perfectly into the use case of the parking enforcement workers. According to the City, each driver drives an average of 150 miles every day, making the 259 miles of range that the Bolt is capable of perfectly adequate. Furthermore, thanks to the low upfront cost of the Chevy Bolt compared to other EVs, its fuel savings will become evident quickly following the purchase.

Credit: City of Detroit

“This is our first major step toward converting city vehicles to more environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies, and I’m proud of our Municipal Parking Department and Director Keith Hutchings for leading the way,” Mayor Duggan said. “Electric vehicles are going to become the new standard everywhere, and we are going to support this transition in many ways.”

The City aims to convert all its 3,000 vehicles to electric in the coming years, though a specific electrification plan has not been announced.

Municipalities around the country, much like Detroit, are looking to implement EVs, primarily within their fleet of police vehicles, which are often the best use case for electrification. Officers often drive a set duration and distance daily, are equipped with electronic equipment that needs to stay charged, and often sit for long sections of the day. Hopefully, with more and more EVs coming to the market, more fleets can be electrified to help save money and the environment.

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