Tesla refunds duplicate charges and offers $200 credit to its online store

Tesla gave customers who were charged twice for their car purchase a refund and offered them a $200 credit to the company’s online store as well.

Six Tesla customers charged twice for their purchase said they received refunds about a week after their initial complaint as per CNBC. The customers received refunds on or before April 1, including payments for overdraft fees.

Tesla’s duplicate charges ranged from about $37,000 to around $71,000. At that range, it seems like customers who purchased the 2021 Tesla Model 3, 2021 Tesla Model Y, or the Long Range Model S refresh were charged twice for their vehicle purchases.

Christopher T. Lee shared his experience with Tesla’s duplicate charges via his YouTube channel Everyday Chris. He ordered a Model Y and paid for the vehicle through ACH, noting that he pressed the “pay now” button once. His order was confirmed shortly after for a payment amounting to $56,578.73. When he checked his bank account the following morning, Lee discovered that Tesla had charged him twice for the Model Y.

He received a refund from Tesla after five business days. In a follow-up video, Lee shared that he contacted Tesla a few times to address the duplicate charge and was advised to reach out to his bank.

“I did, in fact, contact my bank, and they told me that because Tesla withdrew their money directly through ACH, there was no money to reverse and nothing to give back,” Lee said in his follow-up video about the incident.

Lee advised future buyers to use a cashier’s check or create a temporary bank account for their Tesla purchase to avoid duplication charges. He and a few other customers charged twice by the company think Tesla should improve its sales and customer service operations.

Watch Lee’s follow-up video below.

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