Tesla Fremont employee shows end-of-quarter push is well underway

Tesla’s end-of-quarter push is in full effect at the Fremont Factory as the automaker pushes to deliver as many cars as possible before Q4 begins.

Tesla has routinely made significant progress and growth in terms of vehicle deliveries each quarter, and a strategy the company has used in the past is a huge end-of-quarter production push. Tesla will call on any employee available to assist in any way possible, all to increase the company’s delivery figures before a quarter closes out.

It appears Q3 2022 is no different, as an Instagram post from an employee at the Fremont Factory showed the lot where factory workers park is full at the wee hours of the morning. Tesla is preparing to close out Q3 with a massive spike in production and deliveries as the final few days of the quarter approaches.

Instagram user @arisyabish showed the employee lot early this morning in a post, describing the unique parking situation at the factory when the end-of-quarter push comes:

“I usually park right in front of that #Tesla sign but today, it’s a fully packed house since it’s the end of the quarter. Guess what time it is? Freaking 3:56am! There will be folks fighting over parking spots, I guarantee you that.”

Tesla’s end-of-quarter push has brought great results in the past and only helps the automaker increase delivery figures. The Fremont Factory is the only Tesla production plant that produces all four vehicles the company currently offers to consumers. Gigafactory Shanghai produces the Model 3 and Model Y, and Gigafactory Berlin and Gigafactory Texas build only Model Y crossovers, at least for now.

Tesla investors will be happy to see the company employing the technique in Q3, as Tesla is coming off the first time in nearly three years that it is not coming off of a quarter where it reported growth in deliveries. In Q2, Tesla reported 254,695 vehicle deliveries, a decrease from the 310,048 deliveries it reported in Q1. This was due to a shutdown of the Shanghai factory for three weeks in Q2.

Tesla will deliver over 1 million vehicles for the first time in a year in 2022. However, projections are conflicted, and with the unpredictable nature of the current climate in supply chain, nobody truly knows how many cars Tesla will deliver by the end of the year.

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