Tesla brings back Referral Program to Australia

Tesla has brought back its Referral Program to Australia, allowing owners to reap the benefits of helping transition the world to sustainable transportation by convincing others to buy Tesla products.

Tesla’s Referral Program was introduced several years ago and gave owners various benefits like free Supercharging miles and chances to win new cars by sharing their referral link with friends and family. Using the referral link would then give owners the rewards after a successful purchase of a Tesla vehicle or energy product.

It resulted in some pretty substantial prizes for a few lucky owners:

Tesla slowly phased out the Referral Program in several markets, including the United States in September 2021 and Australia in August of the same year.

There was speculation for several years as to when Tesla would bring the program back, as it was a rewarding way to incentivize owners to get others to buy vehicles or energy products.

The company pledged to bring back a revamped version and eventually launched the new Referral Program in the United States in November 2022. The program also launched once again in China in October 2022. Rewards can help owners purchase everything from performance upgrades to the Full Self-Driving suite.

Now, Tesla has launched the program again in Australia with several new terms that incentivize the purchase of certain vehicles over others and will also reward the owner if they buy a new Tesla after already owning one.

According to TechAu, Tesla will give 1,500 credits to both the referred and referrer for the purchase of a Model 3 or Model Y. Model S and Model X purchases are slightly more rewarding and will give the referred and referrer 2,500 credits each.

Tesla is also giving those who already have a Tesla and buy a new Model 3 or Model Y will receive 3,500 credits, while Model X and Model S vehicles will yield 6,000 credits to returning owners.

Rewards for having your referral link used by a customer can vary, and everything from Software Upgrades to Tesla-branded apparel can be purchased. Additionally, owners can also use credits to access more free Supercharging miles, with 750 kilometers (~466 miles) costing 1,500 credits and 1,500 km (~932 miles) costing 3,000 credits.

TechAu lists several items that are redeemable through the credits, and the options are accessible through the Lootbox in the Tesla app:

  • Mens T-shirt – 500 credits
  • Kids Relaxed Y Logo Hat – 275 credits
  • Thermal Cuffed Beanie – 650 credits
  • S3XY Mug – 600 Credits
  • Gen 3 Wall connector – 8,000 credits
  • Model 3 Roof Rack – 7,500 credits
  • Model X Cargo Net – 1,025 credits
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