Tesla ramps Cybertruck production job listings for Giga Texas

It appears that Tesla is ramping its hiring efforts for the Cybertruck, and the company is focusing on the vehicle’s production too. This was hinted at by the number of open job listings for Giga Texas that are related to the all-electric pickup truck. 

A look at Tesla’s Careers page shows that Tesla has 26 open Cybertruck-related job listings for Gigafactory Texas. Among this number, 23 of the open positions are for manufacturing-related jobs. This suggests that Tesla’s initial production of the Cybertruck is indeed coming, possibly within the timeframe that CEO Elon Musk shared during the Q4 and FY 2022 earnings call. 

The open job positions related to the Cybertruck’s manufacturing reference the vehicle’s drive unit, stamping, and battery pack, among others. Following are Tesla’s open manufacturing jobs related to the Cybertruck listed on the company’s Careers website today.

  1. Equipment Technician – Castings, Cybertruck 
  2. Operations Manager – Stamping, Cybertruck 
  3. Maintenance Manager, Stamping – Cybertruck  
  4. Equipment Technician Body Shop, Cybertruck  
  5. Dimensional Engineer – BIW, Cybertruck  
  6. Robotics Engineer – Stamping, Cybertruck  
  7. Production Supervisor – General Assembly, Cybertruck  
  8. Process Engineering Manager – BIW, Cybertruck  
  9. Senior Quality Engineer – Stamping, Cybertruck  
  10. Dimensional Engineering Manager – BIW, Cybertruck 
  11. Senior Process Engineer – BIW, Cybertruck 
  12. Process Engineer, Drive Unit – Cybertruck  
  13. Senior Equipment Engineer – BIW, Cybertruck  
  14. Maintenance Planner, Battery Pack – Cybertruck  
  15. Equipment Engineer, Drive Unit – Cybertruck  
  16. Production Associate Manager – General Assembly, Cybertruck  
  17. Senior Laser Equipment Engineer – Stamping, Cybertruck  
  18. Tool & Die Engineer – Stamping, Cybertruck  
  19. Senior Equipment Engineer, CNC – BIW, Cybertruck  
  20. Maintenance & Reliability Engineer – BIW, Cybertruck  
  21. Senior Equipment Engineer, Joining – BIW, Cybertruck  
  22. Senior Equipment Engineer Robotics – BIW, Cybertruck  
  23. Equipment Engineering & Maintenance Manager – BIW, Cybertruck

To state that there is a lot of excitement surrounding the Cybertruck’s initial production would be an understatement. The Cybertruck is arguably one of the most highly-anticipated vehicles that are yet to be released. Fortunately, it appears that Tesla is indeed preparing to start the initial production of the Cybertruck in the coming months. This was confirmed as much during the Q4 and FY 2022 earnings call, when Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated that the all-electric pickup truck would start its manufacturing around summer this year. 

Musk did, however, set expectations by stating that the Cybertruck’s real ramp would likely happen next year. “We do expect production to start… maybe sometime this summer. But I always try to downplay the start of production because the start of production is always very slow. It increases exponentially, but it’s always very slow at first. So I wouldn’t put too much thought in start of production. It’s kind of ‘When does volume production actually happen?’ and that’s next year,” Musk said. 

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