The Tesla Phenomenon: Why Bill Gross Calls it a “Meme Stock” and What it Means for Investors

  • 🚀 Tesla has been called a “meme stock” by longtime investor Bill Gross, citing its recent growth.
  • 📉 A meme stock is a security that gains popularity through social media, like Gamestop.
  • 🎮 Gamestop and Tesla are fundamentally different; Gamestop is struggling, while Tesla is a leader in electric cars and sustainable energy.
  • 📈 Tesla’s shares have surged by 25 percent over the past ten days.
  • 👏 This growth followed a Q2 delivery beat and anticipation for the upcoming August 8 Robotaxi Unveiling Event.
  • 🗣️ Bill Gross asserts Tesla is acting like a meme stock due to its rising value despite “sagging fundamentals.”
  • 💹 Tesla is aiming for its eleventh-straight day of gains, though it is slightly down by 0.25 percent currently.

Investors and market analysts alike have been buzzing with excitement and curiosity about Tesla’s recent surge in stock prices. In a spectacular run, Tesla’s shares have skyrocketed by 25 percent over the past ten days, prompting longtime investor and fund manager Bill Gross to label Tesla a “meme stock.” But what does this mean for investors, and how does Tesla’s situation compare to other well-known meme stocks like Gamestop? In this blog post, we dive deep into understanding this phenomenon and what it means for your investment strategy.

The Definition of a Meme Stock

A meme stock is defined as a security that gains popularity through social media platforms and online forums, often experiencing significant price volatility as a result. The most notable example of a meme stock is Gamestop, which saw its shares skyrocket due to a social media-driven short squeeze.

The Case of Gamestop: The Original Meme Stock

The Struggle

Gamestop has faced numerous challenges in recent years. The gaming industry has largely shifted to digital downloads and online purchases, thereby reducing the need for physical retail stores. As a result, Gamestop became a target for hedge funds looking to short its stock.

The Short Squeeze

Retail investors, spearheaded by the online personality RoaringKitty, orchestrated a short squeeze that sent Gamestop’s stock soaring. This maneuver led to significant losses for large hedge funds and revealed the power of collective retail investor action facilitated by social media platforms.

How Tesla Differs Fundamentally from Gamestop

Despite being labeled a “meme stock” by Bill Gross, Tesla and Gamestop exist on opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of their business models and growth trajectories.

Tesla’s Leadership in Innovation

Tesla is a frontrunner in the electric vehicle and sustainable energy markets. The company’s focus on innovation has cemented its position as an industry leader. From electric cars to solar energy solutions, Tesla continually disrupts traditional sectors.

Recent Performance and Future Prospects

Recent Gains

Over the last ten days, Tesla’s stock price has risen by 25 percent, partly due to its stellar Q2 performance which exceeded Wall Street’s expectations.

Upcoming Catalysts

Tesla has several upcoming events that could further impact its stock price. The most notable is the August 8 Robotaxi Unveiling Event, which has generated significant anticipation among investors and industry watchers alike.

Why Bill Gross Calls Tesla a “Meme Stock”

Bill Gross has attributed the term “meme stock” to Tesla due to its rapid price increase despite what he perceives as “sagging fundamentals.” According to Gross, Tesla’s stock is experiencing price action that is more speculative than fundamentally driven.

What It Means for Investors

Risks and Rewards

Labeling Tesla as a “meme stock” implies heightened volatility and increased risk. While the stock has shown enormous gains, it may also be subject to rapid declines. Investors should weigh these risks against Tesla’s long-term growth potential in the electric vehicle and sustainable energy markets.


Given the speculative nature associated with meme stocks, diversifying your investment portfolio can be a sound strategy to mitigate risk. While Tesla holds significant promise, balancing it with other investments can provide more financial stability.


Tesla’s recent performance has captivated investors and prompted debates about its designation as a “meme stock” by Bill Gross. While Tesla and Gamestop share some similarities in their market behavior driven by social media, they fundamentally differ in business models and growth outlooks. As Tesla continues to innovate and disrupt traditional industries, its stock will likely remain a focal point for both retail and institutional investors. Staying informed about upcoming catalysts and diversifying your investment portfolio are prudent strategies in navigating the dynamic landscape of meme stocks.

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