Tesla providing car wrap service China

Tesla has introduced their own car wrap service via distribution centers beginning in China with 5 cities.

Can this be brought into other markets?

Tesla has reduced the number of color choices on its cars over the past few years to streamline production and encourage maintenance at service centres.

As a result, many owners switched to wraps to get different colors and distinguish their vehicle from the growing Tesla fleet.

To wrap their cars, they had to depend on third-party suppliers and installers. But Tesla is now launching its own service in China via distribution centers.

Yesterday the official Weibo page of Tesla customer support announced:

“Tesla is more and more common on the road, and it is getting easier to recognize the wrong car at the charging station. How to make your Tesla different and stand out?

Now the Tesla Delivery Center has launched the [Color Changed Car Wrap] product, which can make the vehicle cool! The first batch of online cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou, and other cities will be launched in mid-August! Many available colors, please contact your local delivery or service center!”

It sounds like new Tesla customers in China will order wraps directly from Tesla’s distribution centers for their cars and current owners can do so via service centers.

Tesla begins with 5 major markets and more to come in the weeks ahead.

The Weibo account also posted a few of photos with the post:

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