Tesla subtly pokes fun at Cybertruck’s failed glass demo in “Cybervault” video

A few days ago, Tesla China teased a new product with a cryptic poster that featured the word “CyberVault” front and center. Teasers mentioned in the poster suggested that the CyberVault may be related in some way to the company’s vehicle charging solutions. 

While it was fun to speculate about what the CyberVault could be, the wait for the product is now over. As announced by Tesla China on its official Weibo account, the CyberVault is a Cybertruck-inspired home charging system that’s designed to be as tough as they come. 

The word “tough” and “electric vehicle charger” do not usually go together, but in a way, it makes perfect sense. The CyberVault is designed to be durable and secure, and this is highlighted by its protective outer box, which, unsurprisingly, has a Cybertruck-inspired design language.

“Tesla CyberVault charging pile is a single-phase 220V charging device, compatible with all Tesla models, and the corresponding charging performance is 32A/7KW. The length of the charging cable is 6 meters, which supports plug-and-play charging, scheduled charging/departure on time and other charging experiences,” Tesla China wrote.

The electric vehicle maker definitely hammered this point in its promotional video for the product, posted on local social media platforms in China. The footage revealed that the CyberVault is resistant to dust and water. It is also durable enough to resist blows from hammers and steel balls. That’s not a bad deal considering its RMB 5,500 ($800 price).

The footage also references the meme-worthy failed Armor Glass demonstration that Tesla performed during the Cybertruck’s unveiling event back in 2019. During the demonstration, Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen threw a ball at the Cybertruck’s Armor Glass windows to show how durable the windows are. 

The demonstration went sideways, however, with the steel ball cracking the Cybertruck’s windows. Elon Musk later noted that a previous demonstration that featured Franz slamming a sledgehammer into the Cybertruck prototype’s door might have weakened the vehicle’s windows. 

While the failed Armor Glass demonstration was a point of embarrassment for Tesla, the company later embraced the incident, featuring the Cybertruck’s cracked windows in merchandise like shirts. The CyberVault promotional video in China seems to be yet another example of Tesla poking fun at itself and its folly during the Cybertruck’s unveiling. 

Now if Tesla can just release the CyberVault in North America as the Cybertruck enters initial production, the company could probably make a killing.

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