Tesla partners with Target to expand its Supercharger Network

Tesla and Target signed an agreement on December 10, 2019 to further their cooperation. Tesla has been given permission to file and seek license applications for the potential installation of Tesla Superchargers, as well as other car charging facilities and equipment at several Target stores.

Target is an American company running a network of discount stores under the Target and SuperTarget brands. It is one of the US’s biggest retailers. It will be extremely convenient for owners of the company’s electric vehicles to put Tesla Superchargers close to its shops.

This authorization is valid until December 31, 2020. The California-based company can install Superchargers and other car charging facilities and equipment at the following 38 Target locations according to Exhibit A of this document:

Tesla is already installing and commissioning the Superchargers at a number of locations. @thekeifer1 reports that their new Supercharger is opening soon at the Target in Nashville/Brentwood.

A V3 Supercharger for 8 stalls appeared in Copiague Long Island next to a Target store, much to customers’ satisfaction:

This is not the first time Target has collaborated with Tesla in rolling out electric vehicle charging stations. Tesla collaborated with Target stores and other property owners in Spring 2018 to install charging stations for its Supercharger and Destination charging networks. In exchange, such cooperation is also advantageous to stores where chargers are installed.

Tesla aims to make the electric vehicle ownership experience as meaningful as possible. Essential to this are charging facilities at convenient places. Tesla vehicles are becoming more and more popular; this popularity will only expand as the company continues to find ways to make its cars more affordable. Businesses such as Target value the growth of Tesla and the green values. And what benefits Target’s customers, benefits Target. It’s a win-win for both.

Reported by Tesmanian.

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