Tesla’s navigation taps into detailed weather data for extra-precise energy usage estimates

Tesla recently rolled out an update to its vehicles’ navigation system that makes energy consumption calculations incredibly accurate. The update was released as part of software version 2022.16.0.2. 

Prior to the update, Tesla’s navigation system predicted a vehicle’s energy usage using data like distance, elevation changes, and other information like the type of wheels that are installed. Through this feature, drivers were able to view the estimated energy available in their vehicles when they arrived at their destination

Tesla’s update 2022.16.0.2 pushes this feature further, with the navigation system now taking into account factors such as wind conditions, potential crosswinds, humidity, and ambient temperature when predicting a vehicle’s energy usage. This additional weather data should provide Teslas with more accurate energy consumption estimates. 

Tesla announced the update through its official Twitter account. “Tesla navigation will now take predicted crosswind, headwind, humidity & temperature into account for calculating battery % on arrival. This is in addition to current factors: predicted speed, HVAC use, elevation changes, current temperature, and route/distance,” Tesla wrote.

Considering that Tesla’s navigation energy prediction system will be using additional weather information, vehicles must have an active cellular connection to support the updated feature. This could be an issue for some older vehicles like early Tesla Model S units that are not equipped with a 4G/LTE modem. 

AT&T retired its 3G cellular service this February 2022. As a result, Teslas that are only equipped with 3G connectivity have lost features such as remote unlock, live traffic updates, cabin preconditioning, Supercharger availability, and navigation. Owners whose vehicles are affected by AT&T’s retirement of its 3G cellular networks are advised to take advantage of Tesla’s LTE modem upgrade, which costs $200.

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