Tesla free Supercharging program extended to all stations across Poland and Slovakia

As gas prices across the globe continue to rise, Tesla has extended its free Supercharging program for customers who are currently affected by the situation in Ukraine. As per a recent message from the company, free charging services have now been activated at all Superchargers across Poland and Slovakia. 

Following is Tesla’s message: 

“We are temporarily enabling free Supercharging in areas impacted by the recent situation in Ukraine. Starting today, you can access free Supercharging at all Superchargers across Poland and Slovakia. We hope that this helps give you the peace of mind to get to a safe location. As always, tap any site on your car’s touchscreen to see current pricing,” the company wrote.

Credit: u/Crassn/Reddit

Tesla’s update to its free Supercharging program for those affected by the Ukraine crisis is an expansion of the company’s announcement in late February. Back then, Tesla noted that its free Supercharging services would start on four sites across Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary. The Trzebownisko Supercharger in Poland, the Košice site in Slovakia, as well as the Miskolc and Debrecen locations in Hungary, were selected as the first sites that will offer free Supercharging. 

Tesla’s expansion of the program to all Superchargers across Poland and Slovakia would likely be appreciated by electric vehicle owners who are attempting to flee the ongoing war in Ukraine. The program should not only benefit Tesla owners, after all, as the company made it a point in its initial announcement in late February that free Supercharging service would be extended for both Tesla and Non-Tesla vehicles

Following are Tesla’s Superchargers in Poland, as per the company’s official website.

And here are the Superchargers currently active in Slovakia.

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